Brooke’s Half Birthday!!

Six months is a big landmark in my opinion. I remember this being the case with Reese too. It’s the age where that little baby is starting to seem a lot more fun, a lot more interesting, and doing a lot more things themselves. Brooke is doing just that. She is still our go-with-the-flow, watch-Reese-at-all-times little girl but she is also sitting on her own, wanting to stand a lot with some assistance and playing more with toys. Oh, and eating!

  • The biggest news is that Brooke is sitting without our help these days. There are still some instances where she might topple over but it’s very rare and usually only when she is tired. I love this stage because she can play better in a seated position but she is not quite mobile enough that you need to baby proof. Although, as I write this I feel like she has gone a few days where she is protesting sitting and would rather just stand (assisted) and that is rather annoying.
  • She can keep herself entertained with toys that make noise or just by picking up things. Lately she has liked her activity cube, the rocking horse, and watching Reese build Legos, towers, and do puzzles.
  • Brooke loves food still. She gets baby cereal with peanut butter pretty much every morning and gobbles it up and continues to try more and more foods at dinner time. That being rice, pasta, pouches, tomato sauce, tater tots, turnip cake and dumplings, berries and pretty much anything else you want to give her (but hold the spice). Unfortunately it also seems to be stopping her up these days.
  • She swam in the pool with us for a full hour and loved it. She will stay in the water so long as it is warm enough.
  • She has been on the swing now a few times and seems to enjoy it. She still loves to watch her sister on the playground too.
  • She’s pushing herself up much better during tummy time these days.
  • She likes being outside. Now when we go to the park I can sit with her in the grass and she will be content for long stretches feeling the grass.
  • We have yet to move her to her own room and own crib but anticipate doing that after our two trips this month. We are not anticipating this to go smoothly though because she seems pretty content in our bed. She is also still nursing a time or two during the night. She’s been waking up most days around 6 am which is too early for me but occasionally she will wake up a little bit later in the morning.
  • She’s gone through some periods of being extremely chatting. Making lots of noise continuously for periods of time is quite funny.
  • She laughs at the funniest things. She is starting to get ticklish so we are starting to be able to cause her to laugh but at other times she won’t and then she will burst out in a fit of giggles over something I’m not even quite sure what she is laughing about (but it usually has to do with Reese).
  • She is so much better in car seat. Thank goodness!
  • Her grasp has gotten strong and she can hold on for dear life to your hair (or Reese’s hair). She has definitely taken some chunks out of each of our hair.
  • Still no teeth and still hair that is very very short.
  • She definitely does understand distances these days and that we can walk away and leave her and she isn’t too keen with that.

I’m still just so stunned that we have already hit the 6 month mark. How can it already be half a year?


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