Mother’s Day Memories

This past Mother’s Day was one to remember. It was certainly more enjoyable than last years which was mostly alone and with withdrawals of my parents heading back home and Bryan being in Charleston. Plus I have two girls to enjoy this year!

We actually had a social and busy day on Saturday which was nice and needed. We got together with Reese’s friend Mika’s mom and her two girls and they all burned their energy at the Inflatable Zone at Arena Sports for the full two hours. We got to catch up and the girls were hands off more or less the entire time. We came back home for a nap and then our friends Phillip and Anne and their two kids came over Saturday night for our belated Cinco de Mayo dinner and we enjoyed carnitas and spicy margaritas. We hadn’t seen them in ages and it was very enjoyable to spend some time with them and even agreed to a group trip to Chelan for Father’s Day weekend.

Sunday morning Bryan took Reese to gymnastics so Brooke and I had some quiet time around the house, taking a bath, singing songs, etc. When Bryan and Reese returned they came bearing gifts of a beautiful bouquet of flowers that Reese picked out (they had purple flowers) and some chocolate covered pretzels and cookies for me. We walked to the Arboretum for my first soccer game in at least 18 months. We had a 1 pm game and it was close so I decided this was as good a day as ever to get back on the field and I’m so happy that I did, and that Bryan watched the girls for me while I did. Reese got a slice of pizza at Pagliacci’s with daddy and spent most of the first half at the playground there but then wanted to watch my game the whole second half. She was wearing her shades and about every five minutes would call out my name and wave to me. It was soooo cute!

It was glorious sunny weather after my game so we sat in the grass for a while before heading back home. Reese took a super late nap and woke up a cranky monster. We had plans to go over to Sarah and Lotties to see them before they leave again and Bryan went to pick up middleeastern from Tanoor for us. Meanwhile, we were trying to keep the two girls from getting after each other, both were in moods. Dinner was delicious and fortunately the girls snapped out of attitudes shortly after dinner and Brooke lasted until after 8 pm before we headed home to put her to bed.

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m just so lucky to have my family, both my girls and Bryan and my mom and grandma who have always been such wonderful role models for me. I felt the love this past weekend and I’m just so ready for more sunny weather, more time with friends, and more soccer games!


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