Easter and Out

This past weekend was a social one and thus a joyful one. We had lots of company with dear friends, good food and fun and it propelled us through the week and now we are about to set off to Maui.

Friday afternoon turned into a beautiful day in the afternoon. The girls enjoyed time with Daddy at Seward Park in the morning and then in the evening we had our friends Billy and Val and their two girls over for our second paella ever. The paella was so fun to make, especially on Bryan’s brewery burner that worked perfectly for it, and Reese absolutely loves playing with their two girls. They play so well together and it was the first time in a long time that Reese has been legit sad at the end of the night to say goodbye to the friends that she played with.

Saturday was more low key, at least there was no hosting by us, but it was a beautiful morning and after a filling breakfast we set out in the sunshine to Cal Anderson Park. Hadn’t been to this park for some time but we had plans to get together with our new nanny share family who live just across the street from the park. After some time on the playground we headed over to their place to enjoy their homemade Easter cheesecake and coffee. The cheesecake was amazing and it was fun letting Brooke meet her new friend again and Reese loved exploring their four story townhouse with the rooftop deck. We headed back home as rain was starting to settle in but stopped first for a slice of pizza at Big Mario’s for their giant slices. The rest of the night was rainy but we retreated indoors for the night.

Easter Sunday presented itself as a truly beautiful day. Reese has been sleeping in and did so again on this Sunday (Brooke has not been sleeping in though). Once up, Reese got a few treats in her Easter basket, we had breakfast, and then we set out again in the sunshine on foot to Reese’s friend Harold’s house for their annual Easter egg hunt. More kids this year thankfully meant a little less candy for all of the kids and parents but Reese still filled up her Easter basket with as many eggs as she could find. She knew what to do this time around. We spent a while launching rockets in their yard and drinking coffee and talking to the other parents. We all truly had a wonderful morning. We set back with Reese riding her scooter the majority of the way home.

We were hosting Easter dinner and Bryan already had his roast sous videing and he was sitting well. I made some simple sides of roasted asparagus and carrots and truffle mashed potatoes as well as cleaned house and did so with Brooke in the carrier because she is going through a phase that she doesn’t want to be put down these days. We had Polly and Ryu and Luis and Carina and all of their kids over and it was great company and Reese and Eliana played well with one another and enjoyed sitting at their kids table. The babies were all a little more to handle, particularly Brooke who just is not convinced to be a party person yet. We ended the night with Polly’s delicious homemade chocolate mousse.

This week has been a pretty busy but good work week for me. I will be at a good stopping point for much of the work I have been doing and Bryan is cherishing his last few weeks of paternity leave with walks and workouts and has had a few guys nights this week. Bryan tried out the sensory deprivation units with Billy down in Renton and then they got dinner after and then had another night of racquet ball with the guys and got to try out his new racquet. According to him, he played well and enjoyed the competition and the beers after, although he might now have an injured back from it. We took the girls to Din Tai Fung on a rainy Monday night for dumplings and I made it into work for the first time since having Brooke and it didn’t kill me.

I’m mostly ready for us to leave for Hawaii. I’ve gone through all of my summer clothes, as I do each year, and have most things packed. Our flight is an early one tomorrow, and a long one, so I just pray that both girls do even half as good as they did on our way home from Michigan.


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