Brooke is Three Months

This last week we are celebrated little miss Brooke turning a whopping three months old but I had yet to write about it. So much has happened already in her short little life and yet there is so much more to come. She is always full of smiles and chatter but let’s take a closer look at Brooke’s developing personality, likes, and dislikes…

  • Brooke still loves laying on her activity mat and will do so for chunks of time. Still not too keen at swatting at the hanging objects but loves to push and kick the side bars to make all of the objects move at once.
  • Brooke also has found a liking to her boppy pillow and Bryan has found this to work best for bottle feeding.
  • She is also taking to her Wubba pacifier these days, which helps calm her but has also helped with the introduction to bottle feeding. It helps that she can start to hold onto the Wubba herself.
  • She did not like getting her two month vaccines. She did not tolerate it well that night and it was a rough night for Mama. It was a rough night for Daddy and Reese too before putting Brooke to bed. We were able to give her Infant Tylenol after calling the nurse’s line but she was still needing a lot of comfort during the night.
  • Brooke is still a petite little thing compared to babies her age. Like her sister, and I think like both her mom and dad were too.
  • Brooke has really become more alert and aware of her surroundings in just the past week or two. She has been coined “Big Eyes” by her big sister, as she looks around at her environment. She is wide awake on walks these days until the motion is too much for her to handle staying awake and really enjoyed a walk through the giant trees in the Arboretum this past week.
  • Brooke is all eyes on Reese when Reese is in the room. She watches her closely. Her first laugh was more of a chuckle and came during a Reese and Daddy dancing routine. Made me chuckle.
  • Brooke still doesn’t love car rides or her car seat but is gradually getting better.
  • Brooke is starting to desire to face out in the Ergo carrier these days, so that she gets a better view of what is going on around her.
  • We went to visit friends two weekends ago who have a 1-year-old and it was the first time Brooke saw a baby and she was fascinated. She wanted to be close and watched that baby the whole time.
  • Brooke is smiley, every morning when she wakes up and just generally throughout the day, and I am here for the smiles!
  • Brooke is a talker. She is constantly having conversations with herself on her mat or to us when we sit next to her. I just love it so much all her cute sounds that she is strumming together.
  • The girl has found her hands and sucks on them a lot. That and the amount of drool she is currently producing makes me think there is some teething going on, even though I don’t think she is anywhere close to actually getting teeth.
  • We haven’t done a whole lot of tummy time but she has fantastic head and neck control probably from always trying to look around the room when we carry her. She also loves to pull up to stand on her own legs.
  • Brooke was not a fan of the (artificial) grass in Arizona. I think she found it too prickly on her skin but it was pretty funny when you would set her on it she would instantly start to scream. She did just fine laying on a blanket on the grass in the shade though and seemed to like that a lot.
  • Brooke did decently well on her first roundtrip flight. There wasn’t a ton of sleeping going on but she was mostly content and quiet on the flight. I remember Reese just conking out on flights at this age but that does not appear to be Brooke just yet but we also didn’t have her car seat on the plane with us.

That is Brooke this month. She’s a cutie and I love her and can’t wait to see what the next month entails!


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