What Comes Around Goes Around

We’ve now all been positive. With every single case I’ve thought that maybe the remaining unaffected individuals in the house had been spared, but one by one, we’ve all fallen. Reese seven full days after Bryan, then Brooke five days after Reese, and now me five days after Brooke. Fortunately, Bryan was the only one that had major symptoms (poor Bryan) while the rest of us have been mildly affected. It’s looked a little different for each of us…


  • Sore throat
  • Aches
  • Fever of 103
  • Fatigue
  • Cough


  • Irritable?!?
  • Slight fever to 100
  • Red watery eyes
  • Not a large appetite


  • Irritable
  • Slight fever to 100
  • Red watery eyes
  • Bad sleep at night
  • A lot of nursing at nighttime
  • Slightly lethargic during the day


  • Congestion
  • Some aches towards nighttime
  • Itchy watery eyes

I really didn’t want to take a test. A part of me was wondering if I could just ignore the mild symptoms I was having because the last thing I wanted to do was cancel our trip to Michigan again. I couldn’t do that I know though and as soon as I took the test it showed up, very positive. Now on my fourth day and still no stronger symptoms than previously, I took another test and it is still very positive.

Alas, we have rescheduled our flights one more time, now to the end of March. I’m back to starting at work next week, with me working from home entirely at least for the first few weeks (probably until after Michigan) since we have yet to get Brooke on the bottle, nor really been able to try her on the bottle. But Bryan’s paternity leave is inching closer and he’s super stoked for that time with Brooke and time off of work. We still have our trip to Arizona that will remain unaffected and we are looking forward to that! This whole COVID experience has derailed two attempts to going to Michigan, our Super Bowl party plans, and our ski trip with friends which would have been Reese’s first time skiing. Not to mention the many, many days out of school for Reese. Thank you, thank you, that at least she was able to return to school yesterday, with her daddy taking her since I’m “sick”.

The rest of Reese’s time at home was of course a lot to handle for me, and I’m glad she is back at school (and truthfully she is too), but we managed and we were able to have some good times too. We went on a lot of walks. We went to some new playgrounds that are fortunately empty during the weekdays. Reese has gotten so good at both her tricycle and her scooter. Reese has got to spend a lot of time with her baby sister and for the most part does help out with Brooke, especially on the entertaining aspect. It’s also helped a lot that Bryan has not been in isolation to help with Reese’s nap time and bed time. Helped so much! Reese has enjoyed bath times immensely and we picked up some new play doh from a neighbor and have tried a few other art or science activities but the girl is far more entertained by playing outside, dancing and rough housing so…yeah, I’ve enjoyed just sitting the past few days with a baby in my arms.

I think I managed one workout, two showers, and a little bit of reading for myself in the past week! Not a whole lot of self care being had around here. I seriously could use a mani-pedi and a haircut.

Cinnamon roll and movie in bed on President’s Day

Reese was back at gymnastics this week and then her daddy took her to the Museum of Flight when one of her friends invited them to go with them. That meant I had a full morning to myself with Brooke. I did somehow get around to a baking project that I have been wanting to try for a little bit, some homemade cinnamon rolls. Bryan thought they were good so that is all that matters and I enjoyed them in bed on our last day at home. Reese also had a sleepover at Lottie’s house on Friday night which might have been the best gift of the past year so far. Bryan and I had dinner at 5, both went upstairs to bed to put Brooke down while watching Ozarks, sharing a bottle of wine and a bunch of chocolates and I was asleep well before 9 pm. Then we had a nice quiet morning to ourselves which was equally glorious. We had Sarah and Lottie over Sunday night for takeout Chinese, as has become somewhat of a Sunday night dinner tradition to get together with them.

Despite having COVID right now I am feeling good and staying as sane as I can. I’m just trying to take in these last few days at home with Brooke before work starts back up for me. I’d love to be able to go out and do things, especially with Bryan, but it will probably be several days until I’m no longer contagious. Ugh…I’m ready to put all this behind us.


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