What a Week!

This mom survived the week. We had a pretty eventful weekend, a great weekend I might add, but the feel good nature of the weekend came to a screeching halt on Sunday afternoon when I learned that Reese’s classroom was going to be closed through Thursday because of the first positive case in her class. I knew this was going to happen but not on week 2 of the new year! The good news is Reese, nor any of her classmates, tested positive, but the bad news was that school was not happening for most of the week!

So the weekend was great. We went over to one of Reese’s classmates house on Friday for pizza, wine, and a playdate. On Saturday morning we celebrated Brooke’s one month birthday with one month pancakes, and Bryan’s first time trying out his new waffle maker. Bryan took Reese over to Lottie’s house for a morning playdate so I got some quiet that morning. We had a large group outing for the Zoo Lights at Woodland Park Zoo in the afternoon. We had to wake Reese up from her nap in order to get there in time and she enjoyed the lights for sure but was rather a crank for most of it due to the nap waking.

And Sunday was the first brew day. I know what this means now, this means mommy-daughters day. Brooke and I took Reese to her gymnastics class in the morning. It was a beautiful day so we took a walk around the neighborhood while Reese was in class. Our walk was cut short because Brooke decided to have a blow out right when dropping off Reese. Us girls then went straight to Yesler Park to meet up with Reese’s friend Mika. Reese LOVES this park. The artificial turf and cardboard boxes are apparently a fan favorite for sliding down the hill. Reese did this for well over an hour, after nearly an hour of gymnastics. It was pretty cute when the two girls would go down the hill on a box together.

From there we headed home and the rest of the day was Bryan brewing in the backyard, me wearing his large puffy indoors because the backdoor was open much of the time, and then finally giving in and ordering, picking up, and eating my first poke bowl post-pregnancy while Bryan finished up brewing, at like 10 pm! It was a long but fun day but like I mentioned earlier, was dampened by the news from Reese’s school, which sent me into a frenzy trying to sign up for a test for Reese while also messaging her friend’s parents to try to organize some playdates during the week.

Enter the week. It started off with a bang. A heavy rain and Reese’s Covid test appointment. Brooke had to come with us of course and I wasn’t sure that Reese was going to allow the test to happen in the first place since she seemed apprehensive about it (especially after witnessing us suctioning out boogers from Brooke all last week). We pull up and the line is long and waiting outside in the rain! But we did it! Reese waiting patiently and took the test without a problem and I managed to keep Brooke from losing it and keeping dry. I was so excited once we were done and we went to the store so Reese could pick out candy for her reward for taking the test. The rest of the day was quiet at home.

Reese had playdates lined up for the next three mornings; two were at our house, which was a lot, but one was at her friend’s and the other will be taking her for some time for MLK Day on Monday. We spent Wednesday afternoon going to the inflatable zone at Arena Sports and the indoor playground at the Gymnastics Academy Thursday afternoon to allow Reese to burn off her energy. By this point we had gotten her negative test results back. We also somehow managed to get Brooke’s passport application in while Reese was over at her friend’s house and got a delicious lunch from Harried and Hungry while we were out. I felt a bit like a zombie during the week but also did manage to have some fun with Reese at home. And Thursday afternoon was so beautiful out (and I knew the end was near) so I opted to walk Reese (and Brooke) in the stroller for naptime so I could get a nice walk in.

Reese was back at school yesterday and it felt so good! The house is clean, I was finally able to fold laundry, submit applications for schools for Reese, and prep dinner. It was another beautiful day and I felt like I had a new lease on life. We finished the night off with spicy margaritas and a new lease on life!


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