A New Year and a New Month

We have rolled right into 2022 and yesterday Reese was back in session at school. Let’s rejoice, hallelujah, amen. We’ve been forewarned that with the Omicron running rampant we might be thrown for some loops in school at the beginning of the year and they have already reduced their operational hours to 8-5 pm but I don’t even care because that is 9 hours of my day back that Reese is social and preoccupied and I can better take care of Brooke individually. We finally got the car out yesterday morning to take her to school, as the roads finally got around to clearing themselves of the ice that we have had for far too long, and I felt like I could both breathe again and felt quite exhausted at the same time. I love both of my girls so much but both require a fair amount of attention right now.

The first thing Bryan did for me with Reese back at school was take out the tree and the house instantly felt cleaner as well. Bryan was reveling in the fact that he doesn’t have to go back to work until today and had one more day to rejuvenate post-holidays and get back to the brew game. I felt like I finally got around to various things around the house, a visit to the grocery store, and working on getting Brooke to nap decently. I’m ready for the next two months “by myself” at home with Brooke, I’m just really praying that Reese’s school doesn’t explode with cases and thus closures. I’ve also experienced my first adventure in getting Reese ready to school and Brooke ready to take her to school and to say it was stressful was an understatement. I’ll be trying to walk them to school as much as I can because even 15 minutes in the car with a screaming Brooke is too much for my head to handle early in the morning.

Reese on the left and Brooke on the right, both right at their one month birthday.

Brooke is already at a month old already so I thought that I would share a few updates.

  • She’s put on quite a bit of weight. I’m not sure how much but she is already growing out of some of the smaller newborn outfits, we just finished our last pack of newborn diapers and are planning on just proceeding ahead with size 1 diapers, and she just feels and looks so much bigger.
  • Her neck strength is definitely improving, although I was looking back at Reese’s one month pictures and Reese was already fully up on her arms at this stage when she was doing tummy time.
  • She currently has a little bit of baby acne and a little bit of cradle cap but both to be expected and neither too bad.
  • She is turning into her sister. She takes a little bit of effort (aka movement) to nap these days, isn’t fond of car rides but will sleep soundly on however long a walk I want to take, likes to be carried/wrapped to me, is more sensitive to light and sound when going to sleep now, and has found her lungs when she wants to.
  • She does not seem to have any intolerances to anything I eat but already has had one cold that has required us to use the suction tools to clear her nasal passages. This, she actually seems to like, Reese never did and thankfully we didn’t have to use it much on Reese.
  • She does not like a dirty diaper. She also does not mind laying on her diaper pad post change for some time which is the best time for me to get a break from holding her.
  • She’s slowly inching up her bedtime and is now pretty much ready to go to bed around 7 pm. I think she is crankiest when she is most tired. No, this I know.
  • Like her sister, she does not seem to car for swings too much. She’d rather be held of course, or even just flat on her back.
  • She is cluster feeding at night. This starts some days as early as 5 pm which makes getting a dinner together and eaten a lot more difficult but we have still managed.
  • She may have given us her first smile yesterday morning. It’s still in progress so we have yet to snap a photo of it but I expect it to come any day now. Looking back at Reese photos again, Reese started giving us some cheesy grins at about 3 weeks.
  • Aside from Brooke’s first bath, all of her baths have been with the other two ladies in the house. During last night’s bath, she seemed to really enjoy bath time.

Meanwhile, Reese has gone through a few changes of her own.

  • She’s grown definitely. She feels a lot heavier and looks so much bigger. I don’t think it is just our perception because she has gotten taller than Lottie again.
  • Her imagination and creativity is starting to kick into gear more.
  • She hasn’t used her Wubba pacifier in over a week.
  • She has also been preferring to nap in her bed and has also been eager to go upstairs to bedtime. This might be because she gets undivided attention at bedtime, whenever possible, whenever we can get Brooke in bed first. Bedtime still takes forever so we have a visual timer in transit to our house as we speak to hopefully keep bedtime to a reasonable length.
  • She has done great with trying anything and everything we have eaten at meals while she was off of school. Gummy worms as an incentive to eat her dinner does work like a charm. She’s also really into using chopsticks!
  • She still loves to give “baby” hugs and kisses all of the time. She’s been holding Brooke less but loves to lay down with her. She’s been good about not being too jealous but I can sense when she starts to get that way or get a little frustrated with the attention that Brooke gets.
  • She is still loving gymnastics and starts swim classes tomorrow.

I still have to work on devising any kind of list for 2022 but I’ll get there. I still can’t believe it is 2022, can’t believe it is January, and can’t believe our baby is already a month old!


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