Oh What Fun

The past week has been quite enjoyable, still some work and still getting used to our new routine, but enjoyable nonetheless. After a slew of visitors last week, we had a few nights just the four of us at home at the end of the week. Bryan and I were able to steal away for an afternoon of wine tasting at our beloved winery Novelty Hill-Januik. In addition to the reserve tasting, we were hand delivered multiple additional pours thanks to Brooke being with us and our connections with FareStart. We had a blast to say the least.

And Friday we decided to take advantage of the “rain free” day and walk to get Reese and then walk downtown to take in the lights before getting a delicious dinner at Din Tai Fung. What we didn’t predict was that we would get rained on the whole walk back home. It was a fast walk back, stopping only to get Reese the largest slice of cheese pizza I have ever seen her eat in one sitting.

Saturday was a rainy mess of a day and we spent the whole day inside. It was my first experience really handling both girls by myself for awhile and although not easy, I survived and it was an enjoyable day at home. Sunday was a beautiful day but we had a few items on the calendar. Reese had her second gymnastics class which Bryan took her to and then enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood and got a coffee while Reese was in class. I took Brooke on a brief walk around our neighborhood and to get a few last minute things for our cookie exchange party. I spent the rest of the day finishing up the chili, baking cornbread muffins, and baking off my contribution of the peppermint chocolate cookies.

We managed to get to Optimism Brewing in Capitol Hill right around 4 pm and got a nice big table to set up the chili dinner and the cookies before our friends arrived. We had three other families join us for beers, to exchange cookies, and have dinner. Between the four families there was three girls (all about Reese’s age) that ran around our table like crazy for the full duration we were there, three infants, and a toddler. We have a nice big cookie platter that might last us until we get to Christmas (maybe!). I think Reese had the best time of everyone.

Last week for Reese at school for the year! Her school is decorated all cute for Christmas and Reese is just now starting to ask frequently if she can open up her presents. Most presents are wrapped and we have settled on meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Snow is even forecasted starting on Christmas Day as of right now with much colder temperatures expected next week. This week is really just a low key week at home, waiting for Christmas Day to arrive, although it still does not feel like Christmas to me. Bryan has still been busy getting his brew setup all ready to go for his first brew day, now planned for 12/29. Many of Reese’s friends are gone through break so I’ve been trying to brainstorm what playdates we may be able to get in or any excursions we might be able to do all four of us for the week that Reese is off of school.

So like I said before we are starting to get settled into a routine of sorts. Brooke has still been sleeping pretty well at night, waking two or three times on average (almost always at 1-1:30 am and then again around 5 am. Reese has adopted a big girl attitude almost over night and is now only wanting to sleep in her bed. But this does mean if she wakes at night then she wants someone to come lay with her again. Some nights she sleeps through the night and other nights she wakes two times. Brooke has been eating and sleeping well throughout the day. She’s certainly exceeded her birth weight and takes a pretty solid nap most days starting around 11 am or so. She definitely gets cranky when she’s sleepy but otherwise she has still been a pretty content baby. I feel like I am back to juggling a toddler in arms while eating dinner again and we have had some pretty good blowouts, most coming at night.

But ready or not, Christmas is almost here!


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