The End is Near

I feel it. I feel the impending doom of freedom and rest and sleep but also the how close we are to meeting baby #2. I think Bryan and I have both felt mixed feelings of readiness as of late but we had one more date night last night where I feel like we both felt better prepared and ready for the adventure ahead. We’ve had a pretty good week all around and I still feel good under most circumstances, ticking away items on my To-Do list, and getting in a little social interaction while I can.

Reese and I had a great time at the gymnastics academy on her day off. I am so relieved that I had schedule it awhile ago as it was really busy on this particular day and it was very rainy all day. Reese burned her energy off though and did EVERYTHING they had on offer in the gym. She really enjoyed it and has been talking about going back. Fortunately, we finally got her in a class that will be starting December 5th and I can’t wait for her to have that to go to.

We had an enjoyable weekend despite more rainy fall weather. We couldn’t talk Reese into going to the park on Saturday but that meant that I got to watch the whole of the Michigan vs. Penn State game and then I picked up Sarah and Lottie from the airport and brought back BBQ while we had our friends Phillip and Anne and their two kids over for the yucky Texas vs. Kansas game. Their daughter Rosalie took awhile to warm up to Reese but they finally started playing well together right at the end. Unfortunately, the game did not improve at the end so that left all viewers in disbelief.

On Sunday we decided to check out the inflatable zone at Arena Sports in Magnusson Park. We picked up Lottie on our way to give Sarah a break and let her get some things done around her house. The girls really enjoyed all of the inflatable structures on offer, although at very different paces. Reese was a mile a minute and not the teeniest bit timid while Lottie needed a full hour before she was comfortable going down some of the larger slides. The girls were wiped after nearly two hours of running around and Reese made it home before taking her nap but Lottie passed out in the car. We had another horrible Seahawks game to watch with a bad outcome and finished the night with Frelard Tamales and cocktails (not for me but I got a few tastes and it was delicious).

The week has started like the rest. Reese and I walked to school yesterday and I felt pretty great. We are enjoying watching the construction trucks that are doing work on Madison on our way. I’m at the office today and trying to tie up all of the loose ends before I leave. Bryan and I had the night out that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. We decided to go to one of our old haunts in Belltown; List, for their all night Monday happy hour. The restaurant was only about a quarter full and made for great ambiance, food, and conversation for what could be our last date night out in some time. We had such a good time and a great talk. We also got their excellent gnocchi with truffle cream sauce, grilled octopus salad, bacon wrapped shrimp and the hanger steak with potatoes. Reese wasn’t too happy we went out but didn’t seem to harbor any hard feelings towards us this morning.

I have a few appointments the next few days as I’m trying to fit things in before go time. Tomorrow is my 38 week appointment with the midwives and everything hopefully will be reported as still looking good. Baby is still very active so I’m not too worried about that but I have been feeling different, can’t explain how but I can just tell that my body is getting ready. I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week, especially since we have no plans for the holiday. Let’s see how the rest of the week ends up!


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