Birth Month…Maybe

How is it November? How are we already in the month of birth, or will it be December? I’m still thinking December but who knows. Bryan thinks its going to be on the due date, I think he just wants both kids to have birthdays on the 29th as that’s one less date for him to remember. That would still mean post-Thanksgiving so maybe we will be having a solo Thanksgiving this year. We will see.

Last week was a lot of rain. A lot of castle building out of tiles. A lot of movies. We brought down the easel to do some coloring downstairs. We did a little dancing. We got a tattoo (on her belly as requested?). Lottie and Sarah came over in what felt like forever since we had seen them. We picked up a dumpling and noodle feast from Dumpling the Noodle in Wallingford which was another Seattle Restaurant Week special going on. The girls played well throughout the night and capped the night off with a nice little dance show which was especially funny. Bryan drove them to the airport on Saturday as they were heading to D.C. for the week.

After what was such an eventful Halloween weekend, this past weekend was one that was not so eventful. We’ve had pretty wet weather the past few weeks and this weekend was no different. Saturday rained pretty much all day and the only time we got out of the house was to hit up our last Restaurant Week meal at Haymaker in Eastlake. Reese was on pretty good behavior for what ended up being a bit longer of a dinner, in a nicer restaurant, and being stir crazy from a day spent at home. She also got an amazing bowl of “kids pasta” which was homemade fresh pasta with a delicious tomato cream sauce. She finished it mostly by herself. Bryan and I got to share the appetizer course, which was a variety of dishes including tallegio cheese arancini (rice balls) with aioli, hamachi crudo, burrata with roasted pumpkin and crostini and some delicious crispy brussel sprouts with some sort of amazing pesto and nuts on them. Bryan got the hanger steak and I got the seared rockfish. Both entrees were amazing! At this point our waitress also offered to take Reese to see the kitchen and meet the chef and I was proud of her for wanting to go on her own and without us joining her (we could see the kitchen from our table since its an open air kitchen so we were definitely okay with this little reprieve). We finished the night with an almond cake with blackberries and whipped cream and a chocolate torte.

Sunday was another mostly rainy day but there was a break in the showers so we hit the “blue slide” with our friend Mika for a bit. It was the first time that Reese actually got a little timid on the slides with the speed of her pink pants on the still-wet slides. Back at home, Reese took a very long nap while Bryan got to read and I got coffee with Polly. We found an outdoor café that was covered with space heaters and got to catch up for some time which was lovely.

This week has been spent at home for both of us. I’m trying to tie up loose ends with this New York job that I have been working on and Bryan has been working to transition his team to take over the project in his absence. Bryan and I had a lunch date on Monday when we went to the bank in Capitol Hill to get a few items notarized and picked up tacos and burritos from Carmelo’s tacos which turned out to be AMAZING (which sticks true to the reviews they have received). We were able to hit the park together on Monday night and then spent Tuesday at Reese’s friend Georgie’s house which was lovely. It’s been great getting to know the parents of Reese’s friends better because we like them all, they are all very down to earth, caring, and close to us in terms of location which is a huge plus as our friend network continues to move further and further outside of the city. After a few hours at their house I dropped Bryan and Reese off at home and headed to Oddfellows for my “baby sprinkle” dinner that Polly organized for me.

I had seven girls come out for my dinner, late on a Tuesday night, and it was great to see them and catch up with so many of them. I was grateful that they were comfortable eating indoors as the original plan had us eating in the back private patio but the high winds and rain deterred that. We had a large table in the back and had an excellent meal with each other’s company. We closed the place out, leaving sometime after 10 pm and I didn’t get home until 10:30 pm, which felt really nice and was exactly what I was wanting before having this baby. A luxury that I know I will miss in the coming months. I’ve seen about half of the girls recently but the other half I hadn’t seen since July! It’s such a different experience, this time with my second, as when I had my shower for Reese, I was the lone pregnant woman or mother in the group. Now, all but one of the attendees has at least one kid which makes it even better. Five of the seven are guessing it’s a boy but we will just have to see. I feel like I look the same, feel the same, and Reese wants a girl so I’m now convinced it’s a girl. But I was wrong last time! Can’t believe we are less than 20 days away from the due date. I was eager for the baby to come a few weeks back but I think now that its so near I just want to hold on to Reese and this time for a little longer.

Taking most of the day off tomorrow as Reese’s school is closed so we will have some good mother daughter time. Other thank midwife appointments coming up we have literally nothing scheduled on the calendar until the due date. We might sneak in a date night next week but we are currently playing everything by ear.


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