A Cold, A Pumpkin, and a Football Game = FALL!

What a fall weekend! After our wonderful staycation at the Hotel Monaco, complete with an afternoon off for Bryan and I as we got a huge drool-worthy dim sum lunch at Jade Garden and watched the latest Bond movie in plush lounge chairs in the movie theater, we checked out of the hotel and headed back home on Saturday.

Our stop at home was brief though as we had a friend’s pumpkin carving party to attend Saturday afternoon. After Reese’s nap, we set north to Luis and Carina’s house where we spent the next several hours eating way too many pumpkin cookies, carving one of our pumpkins, catching up with friends, enjoying some hot apple cider, and Reese ran around with Eliana the whole time. We headed home with stomach aches from all the sugar and made a late dinner at home while watching the Kraken home opener.

After such an eventful few days, Sunday was not eventful in the least. Reese was battling a cold that didn’t necessarily upset her but between that and the rainy and gusty weather, we spent the day inside, playing with toys, watching some football and a lot of movies. We talked to all the grandparents and we had some spicy noodle soup to cure the rainy day blues. Reese seemed to be feeling more like herself on Monday and had a great day at school, really enjoying the decked out playground equipment that is now a haunted house.

We picked her up a little after 4 pm and took her straight over to our neighbor’s house so she could play and have dinner with Eloise and her family while Bryan and I went to our one and only Seahawks game of the season, the Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. It was still a rainy and cool evening but we were able to hop on the light rail and got to our seats just shortly after the 5:15 pm kickoff and were certainly high enough to be completely sheltered from the rain. Without Russell playing or our starting running back, our team is hurting, and although we led most of the game we ended with another loss. It was a bummer that we didn’t get the win but was still fun to go to a game. I did alright hiking up all the stairs to our seats as well although with the crowd’s excitement in the second half, baby started going bonkers. We picked up some Pagliacci pizzas slices on our way home and were so thankful to already have our baby girl asleep in her bed when we got home.

The rest of this week is calling for rain and I am not here for it. But I am A-OK with the predicted sunny skies this weekend as we will have an outdoor birthday party to attend on Saturday and of course Halloween, party and trick or treating to hit up on Sunday. I’m starting to feel done with the pregnancy at this point. Sitting is no longer all that comfortable period and this baby is one on the move making it quite uncomfortable for much of the day. Heartburn is starting to come back a little bit and some fatigue. I’m still able to walk and am physically able to do things but I’ll be ready when this baby is ready. I still can’t believe with Reese I would have had 7 weeks to go. I’d be okay with just the three weeks this time around!


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