Reese Lately

It’s been some time since I have done a post on Reese’s latest and greatest. She’s an abundant talker right now and continues to mature in front of our eyes on the daily. Here is what she’s all about lately:

  • She loves making “cupcakes” and “towers” with her Picasso tiles. This is one of her absolute favorite things to do right now. Currently, I am getting most of said cupcakes and I get sung to with “Happy Birthday” at the presentation of each and every cupcake.
  • She is currently using her Little Tykes slide to help her get items off of the kitchen counter. It’s far easier for her to move around the kitchen then the learning tower. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to do this without us present in the kitchen. I may or may not have taught her this skill so that she could become a little more independent when she needs a bowl or snack or whatever with another baby on the way.
  • She likes to be carried up to bed “like a baby”. This means she lies back and gets rocked to “Rock a Bye Baby” as we carry her up the stairs to her bed.
  • She’d prefer to sleep in Mama and Daddy’s bed though. She did this the last two nights that Bryan was gone to Charleston and fortunately hasn’t needed to do it since but she still comes into our room in the middle of the night every night.
  • She has been liking to play with her doctor kit and taking care of her babies and it is pretty darn cute at it. She likes the new baby’s room furniture in general so that has become a whole new playroom of sorts.
  • She rode her first horse (well, the smallest pony on the farm) last weekend after absolutely refusing last year. She was nervous but conquered her fear and did great.
  • She also rode her first rollercoaster and loved every minute of it. This girl is a thrill seeker.
  • She can definitely do the fireman’s pole on her own now and if she can reach the monkey bars by herself she can also do the monkey bars by herself. We have also become comfortable with what we now refer to as “The Big Blue Slide” with the obstacle of ropes to get to the top of the slide.
  • She can count to 20, I’ve heard her do it a few times, she just won’t ever do it upon request.
  • This girl is all about popsicles right now. She asks for an Otter Pop nearly every night, sometimes two.
  • Reese has been quick to say, “Oh thank you Mom” when I tell her hair looks nice or I like her shirt or if I give her something in particular. It is super cute.
  • Currently, if there is a spill or she does something that makes me huff, without skipping a beat or changing her facial expressions, she asks me, “Are you happy Mom?”. This cracks me up. She doesn’t ask if I’m mad, sad, or disappointed, she asks me if I am happy. Of which I respond, “Well, no, but I love you.”
  • She’s certainly passed the 36″ mark. I already knew this had to be true but now we have visuals of it from the height chart from the pumpkin patch this past weekend.

That’s her in the smallest nutshell as of late. She brings me joy still each and every day and I just love all of the cuddles that I still get. Holding on to those preciously these next six plus weeks.


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