Wonderful Weekend

I think Bryan and I are both majorly living for the weekend these days. They are glorious! This past weekend was an especially good weekend spent with some activity, some friends, some projects accomplished around the house, and some down time. It can’t get better than that!

We started the weekend with the playground in Capitol Hill and a visit to the bookstore for a gift for the baby shower that I was attending and then headed home for a movie and delicious pizza (thanks to over-ordering of our first back-in-the-office staff meeting). Saturday morning began and Bryan made him and Reese pancakes and bacon, like usual, but I had a Baby Sprinkle to attend to and left on my scooter to pick up a friend and take her with me. The Sprinkle was at a salon in Ballard for mani-pedis and some brunch fare and I mainly chatted with Polly while getting my hands and feet both beach ready for our upcoming San Diego trip and hopefully still looking good for the wedding we have coming up to attend. I headed back home and Reese and Bryan were back from the playground and Reese was quick to take a nap.

How casual can our pizza nights get?

While Reese napped, Bryan began the installation of the new hitch on the CR-V and I was on a mission to finish painting the new “nursery” room. I got mostly down when Reese found me and we waited for Bryan to finish so that I could finish my project. Both of us got our projects done, Bryan’s was a fair bit more elbow grease with cuts to prove it but all of the painting that I had left were way up high and no fun either. Glad we were finished with our respective projects, we started up the grill and had dinner of burgers and fries on our back deck. After dinner we walked up to Plum Tree Park for a quick playground session and then walked over to Feed Co for a chocolate shake that we split on their patio.

Sunday was our planned fun day and we had plans to test out this new hitch that Bryan had put on. After egg sandwiches at home, we piled up the car with all of our gear and headed north to Snohomish. Our agenda was to play at the playground for a bit before getting on our bikes and hitting the start of the Centennial Trail for at least 12 miles out to Cassady Lake. Our plan went to plan and Bryan pulled Reese up the gentle incline on the way out, stopping just past Cassady Lake before we turned around and swapped Reese out to my bike and I got to pull her back down the gentle decline back to the starting point. The 25 miles took us just under 2 hours and was a lovely ride on a very flat paved railroad grade trail. There were no bugs and not many people and it really was so nice to just ride and not worry about cars or traffic or anything else really. We got back to the starting point and Reese hit the swings one more time. We hit the Pilchuck Drive In a block away for some fries, fried mushrooms and a strawberry shake (we tried to walk there but the indoors is still closed and a drive-thru only) and took these snacks to the gazebo at the river that I spotted on the way into town. This was a lovely spot to have our snacks at before leaving town.

Polly and Ryu asked us over for a BBQ at their house earlier in the day and since we were already north with no plans for dinner we took them up on it. We stopped on got beer and watermelon to bring over and then Ryu treated us to delicious steak tacos off the grill with his own homemade mole sauce and pickled red onions. Everything was delicious and Reese enjoyed their company and eased her way into throwing balls for Momo to retrieve. After dinner, Reese even got to hold baby Niko which was really something to see. We got back home pretty late and Reese had barely a nap on the bike ride so she hit the sack pretty quick.

We have two full days at work this week and then a short day before we head down to San Diego for our first solo family vacation in quite literally forever. We are all so excited and I really am looking forward to moments of relaxation but also the fun we will have at SeaWorld, the zoo, and the other things we have planned while we are down there. Almost there!


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