Half Way

Last week marked my halfway mark through this pregnancy, hitting 20 weeks last Monday, and we also had our 2nd ultrasound that gets into the nitty gritty details of baby’s development so far. Our ultrasound went smoothly, as we were told that there are no causes for concern, and so far everything is still looking good for baby #2 (aka Mellow). Although the radiologist said, and I quote word for word, “Wow, this is one active baby.” at which point Bryan and I looked at each other in legit fear.

As far as how I’m doing, I feel like I am in that sweet spot in pregnancy where my energy is back (most of the time), nausea has subsided (most of the time) and the worst pregnancy symptoms have yet to come. My visual appearance I think still makes it difficult for other’s to notice at times. I have a good way of disguising the belly I guess but if I wear form fitting clothes its hard to not notice the bump. I love reading the weekly pregnancy updates that get sent to my email. It’s all rosy and sweet when talking about the baby forming and all the progress the baby is making during development and then it starts talking about development for mom and it’s not the least bit positive. For instance, this week it’s:

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 20

Now if that doesn’t make a woman want to have a baby I don’t know what will! But like I said, mine aren’t too bad right now. I have gotten more moody at times. I’m still moving and that’s good for me. Reese and I are still walking to school in the morning most every morning. I’m still doing the occasional Fitnessblenders each week and I’ve still gone on some good bike rides. We did our first hike this year which was an 8 mile hike (but with only 1,500 feet of elevation gain) but Bryan was lugging Reese along the whole time so I had it easy (honestly the hardest part of this whole hike was the mosquitos without bug spray as my legs continue to feel on fire). I started doing yoga once a week at the studio next to our office now that I am back at the office and that is a great addition to help me safely stretch out my muscles and take a little time for centering myself.

I do feel about twice my size post-dinner. There is something about the evening meal and the evening time period that my body both feels and looks way bigger. I’m sleeping well and so is Reese so that is a plus, although, Little Miss has been sleeping with us at some point in the night every night lately. Knowing these feel good days aren’t going to last forever, I did start painting the new “nursery” two weeks ago. It’s a bear to paint with the angled walls and high ceilings plus the fact that we are and will still be using it as an office for some time but the progress is slowly coming along. I have about an hour left of work until I am done with the first coat and already got another gallon plus of paint needed to finish the project up. I’m ready for the paint to be done so I can get the furniture and get all of the clutter out of the hallway. I’ve also started my cross stitch project for the room, quickly finished the first of the trio (as I picked the easiest to start with) and am making slow but good progress on the second much more time intensive pattern.

Fingers crossed I keep feeling good and things keep going well. Reality of it all comes and goes but we still have over four months for it all to sink in.


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