Parties, Picking, and Picnicking

This past week has been an enjoyable one. It sure feels like summer around here and the temps are back to perfect (nearly 75-85 degrees every single day) and I have once again forgotten how it just doesn’t rain in Seattle during the summertime. I think the last rainfall was early June and there is no rain on the forecast for the next ten days. This means prime weather for outdoor fun and that we do every single day.

Since the holiday weekend, we’ve of course gone to the playground lots, Bryan and I each went for a solo bike ride last week, and Reese and I had tons of outdoor fun while Bryan did as well with the guys on their weekend away from the ladies and babies in Leavenworth, Washington.

For Reese and I, the weekend started with a walk to our favorite playground and pizza afterwards. Saturday morning we had our first official birthday party in forever and probably one of the few that would actually be meaningful to Reese considering her age. Rosalie was turning three and we were invited over to her house in West Seattle for a bouncy house in the backyard, cake, and lots of other goodies. There were tons of kids, tons of people, but neither Reese nor I really knew anyone. Reese does not care. We were one of the first to arrive and Reese was busy bouncing or playing for nearly three hours. I tried to meet people but its difficult with those you don’t know now post-Covid. It was still good to get Reese out of the house and having fun. We got fast food on the way home to keep her awake in the car (the drive to West Seattle right now is long thanks to the bridge under repair) and Reese managed to do so until home when she gave me a good nap. We met up with Sarah and Lottie on a walk to Volunteer Park that night. Even after the eventful morning Reese was all about the swings, slides and wading pool with her friend and I was glad to actually get to converse with someone.

Sunday morning we hit the road north to go blueberry picking at Argobliss Farms. We picked up Sarah and Lottie on the way who kept us company on the car ride and met up with the other single moms for the weekend; Tina and Carina along with their babes Jack and Eliana. We beat their car somehow by nearly 40 minutes and already had a ton of berries in our bucket when they arrived. Our girls by this point were losing steam so they had a picnic in the shade of the bushes while we continued picking for some time longer. We ended up spending just shy of two hours at the farm and our car’s combined weight of berries by the end of it was about 12 lbs (and only $24!). We stopped at a local burger joint for fries and burgers before heading to a wonderful park on the nearby small Silver Lake. All of us picnicked on blankets until the girls were too antsy to play on the large playground. We stayed until about 1 pm when it was getting hot and all of the kids were needing a nap. It really was a fun and worthwhile outing for the morning. Lottie passed out in the car but Reese was again a trooper until we got home and then took about a 2.5 hour nap at home!!!!!!!!!! She woke up just in time for Bryan’s return.

Although I had a good time around town, Bryan had a great time enjoying the company of friends, adult freedoms, and the beautiful town of Leavenworth in the Central Cascades. David picked Bryan up Friday afternoon to hit the road for their 2.5 hr drive. They enjoyed a night on the town on Friday night that left all of the guys, all in their 30s, suffering the consequences Saturday morning. They rallied for their 10 am tee time at the nearby golf course. After their game of golf, they spent a more low key night getting dinner at one of the many Bavarian joints downtown before heading back to their condo for a guys night in. Sunday morning, after checking out of their condo, they hit the Wenatchee River for some river floating which I am super jealous about. After they got their fill of sun and cold Rainiers they set back home. Bryan admits that he had a great time and enjoyed the weekend being with the guys again.

We were happy to have Bryan back home for the rest of the night on Sunday. After such an eventful weekend it’s nice to have a few days to ease back into work. I’m officially starting back at the office Tuesday through Thursday starting this week and I will be happy to have more of my coworkers back in the office now that the official return to the office is starting.


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