It’s Gettin’ Real Hot in Here

What a crazy June weekend here in Seattle. I feel like I never left Phoenix. We are still sitting here trying to get our sole window AC unit to make everything cool enough and retreating to the water whenever and wherever we can to stay comfortable. We reached 103 on Saturday, didn’t quite hit 100 like what was expected on Sunday, and then topped it all off at 106 or something absurd on Monday. The high in Seattle history is 103 but the highest temps here usually don’t hit until August so we are definitely early and it makes me a little nervous for how the rest of the summer (and future years) is going to go down. We are debating getting a second AC unit for the third bedroom but even if we ordered it now we probably wouldn’t get it for several weeks!

We took Reese to one of the shaded parks we know of on Friday after school before heading home for the weekend. On Saturday morning we had Lottie come by for a few hours while Sarah went to her new school orientation and the girls swam in the blow up pool for a while before lunching on mac n cheese and then Reese took a good nap. We went back outside in the afternoon to do some more swimming before doing our usual dinner and a movie. We were hovering around 82 inside Saturday afternoon and little Reese’s nose was beading sweat as it always does when she is hot.

Reese waiting for Lottie during pancake time

Sunday morning Reese woke up early and after about an hour of watching Shaun the Sheep Reese and I decided to go to “purple slide” up the street from us which we did for a little while until it was already too hot (85) and then continued up to Safeway to get a few groceries and a donut for Reese. Bryan made us breakfast while we cooled off in the pool and then we all headed to our last soccer class of the season (probably will take a break until the fall). Sunday afternoon we piled up the car and headed to the shore of Lake Washington to do a little lake tubing/floating. Reese really seemed to enjoy this although she’d rather swim than float. So we swam and watched the waves from all of the boating action. Reese lasted about an hour before wanting to dry off on the shore and then we headed home to grill some Greek turkey burgers and fries (these came out great on the grill). I think our house was again at about 82 which didn’t feel as bad as the night before so the lake must have had the appropriate effect we were looking for. Unfortunately, the low on Sunday night wasn’t but about 75 and that didn’t last too long so when we left for school and work on Monday the house was already at 81 degrees.

Crash After Soccer

Monday night was the start of our babysitting swap with our next door neighbors and we were up first so Bryan and I got to head out to a nice and cool (and rare in Seattle) AC-filled restaurant for dinner while Reese and our neighbor fought the last of the high heat at home. We had a wonderful dinner; both for the company and for the food. Bryan chose Tanoor, a new Lebanese restaurant in South Lake Union that I had heard good things about. Not only did they have AC but they had food the closest to that I know of and love in Michigan. We shared the mixed grill platter for 2-3 which should be more like 4-5 (lamb, beef and chicken kabob plus a beef kefta kabob, rice and lentils, fatoush, grilled veggies, babaganoush, and fried cauliflower plus freshly grilled pita). We took home so much food but it was all so good and I was more than happy to have leftovers at home. Plus happy to have a cool place to dine in.

We are relieved that some cooler weather came last night and actually dipped below 70 degrees. Reese and my walk to school was much more enjoyable today and the house is currently sitting at 73 which is much, much better. We are still supposed to get up to close to 90 today and stay above 80 the rest of the week but so long as we get some relief at night I’m fine with that forecast. Even my plants were struggling to survive late yesterday and I’m not sure they are going to revive from the hot temps. Without worrying about the heat now I can focus on other tasks at hand, actually get some things done around the house like running the dishwasher and washing some clothes and look forward to the long holiday weekend!


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