Grammy and Grandad…they have already come and gone 😦

It was such a wonderful week spent with my parents and for Reese she really enjoyed the quality time and play with her grandparents that they week just flew by. It’s been awhile since my parents have been at the house for a visit and it was great to be able to show them Reese in action at home, go to soccer, see her school, meet her Lottie, go to her parks and her cookie counter, and just take it easy around town. Bryan was able to spend the weekend with all of us and Monday before he had to head off to South Carolina for hopefully the last time. Because of that, I was especially grateful to have my parents around for company for the remainder of the week, although he won’t be back until Friday so Reese and I will be on our own for a little while longer. It was good while their visit lasted though.

We tried to make the most of the weekend while all of us were there. My parents arrived around 10:30 am on Saturday and we met them at the airport to take them home with us. Once home, Reese immediately started showing them her toys and then we had lunch at home before nap time. In the afternoon we walked to get cookies at Lowrider and then continued onto two of Reese’s favorite parks. We picked up Thai for dinner and my parents got to watch Frozen for the first time ever.

On Sunday we took Reese up for her soccer class and my parents got to see her in action, with all of the mood swings that can occur in a 50 minute class. After class we got in the car and headed to Edmonds to catch the ferry to Kingston before making our way to Poulsbo for lunch at Tizley’s. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed the ferry ride and arrived hungry for our late lunch. We sat on the balcony at Tizley’s and feasted on pretzels and the family platter until we couldn’t finish anymore. We headed down to grab something sweet from Sluy’s Bakery and then walked along the waterfront to the little park for Reese to play. After quite some time we headed back to Bainbridge to catch the ferry back to Seattle. Unfortunately the ferries were unusually delayed and we missed one so we had to wait for a good deal of time until we finally got on one. We got back home around 7 pm and had popcorn for dinner while watching The Greatest Showman. It had been a relatively busy weekend and unfortunately I think that was about to set us up for a rough night ahead.

We woke in the middle of the night to Reese, who was sleeping with us for the week, throwing up in bed. The poor girl threw up three times over the course of the night and once we were up (early too!) and downstairs she threw up a fourth time. Reese has really never thrown up like this in her short lifetime. She took a bath with me and the bath seemed to rejuvenate her enough to the point that she was ready to play with my parents. We were going to keep her home from school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anyways so that she could spend some time with my parents so fortunately that was already the plan and I was able to work. She played for a good while and then took a long nap on the couch in the afternoon. Monday night we picked up marinated black cod from the Seattle Fish Guys and had that and soup dumplings for dinner but poor Reese was still not able to eat anything.

On Tuesday the entire family (Bryan included) walked Reese to school and she was excited to see her friend Lottie. We dropped her off and she still seemed a bit subdued from being sick. We headed home and shortly thereafter we said goodbye to Bryan and he left for the airport. My mom went for a run and my dad joined her for lunch in the Arboretum at Belle Epicurean while I worked at home. We all cleaned up in the afternoon before setting back on foot to get both girls from school. They shared the stroller on the short walk over to Cal Anderson park to play at the playground for some time. The girls were on different wavelengths though so it was fortunate there were three adults to supervise them. After some time we walked over to Poquitos to snag an outdoor table for an early Cinco de Mayo dinner. Sarah joined us a little later and we had a delicious meal of crispy Baja fish tacos, Mexican street corn, carnitas, and margaritas. It was a really good dinner but the girls were loose cannons after being there for nearly two hours. We walked home and pretty much went to bed shortly thereafter.

Wednesday was another day spent at home. I worked in the morning while they played and then it was time for our hour long drop in at the Gymnastics Academy for their toddler indoor playground. Reese spent the first 15 minutes running on the running trampoline and jumping off before she had a meltdown and took some time to pull herself together to continue playing. We tried to get her to jump on the trampolines and she spent some time on the rings. This place was right up her alley and I would love to bring her back to try it again. After the hour we stopped at Emerald City Fish and Chips on the way home for some cod fish and chips and crab hush puppies. It was a delicious lunch and we could only manage a light dinner at home later on. Reese played with my parents after another long nap and finally seemed to be getting her appetite back.

We all dropped Reese off at school on Thursday, walking there and back, and then my parents took the “day off” to try out some of the E-bikes around town. It sounds like they had a blast, albeit the whole trip ended up being a pretty long and tiring one, and I wish that I could have gone with them. They picked up some bikes nearby and had them reserved for the day. They hooked up to the Burke Gilman trail and headed north, first stopping at U Village for lunch and then continuing on with a stop at the Magnuson Brewery for a few beverages. They made it all of the way back to Capitol Hill to pick up Reese from school and walk to the park. Maddie and Lottie ended up being at the park after school as well and I met the whole crew there after finishing up work. We walked home debating dinner and saw the Wood Shop BBQ food truck was stationed at Chuck’s Hop Shop so we made an impromptu decision to pick up food on our way home. They were already sold out of the sliced brisket so we settled for a full rack of ribs, slaw, potato salad, and the kale Caesar salad. We headed home, with one more stop at Lowrider for cookies. We watched the live version of Aladdin while eating the BBQ and it was all delicious and plenty to feed us all. And for the first time of this trip Reese requested Grammy to lay down with her in bed and Grammy successfully put her to sleep with rubbing her back!

Friday was the last full day with the parents here and another day off of school for Reese. The morning started off with playing with toys and cookie baking with Grammy while I did some work (with plans to take the afternoon off to spend with the crew). We did an easy lunch at home and then let Reese take a nap. We were going to walk to Madison Park for Reese’s haircut but had to settle on taking the car due to Reese waking up right before it. Reese got her first haircut and it was quite the experience; a very good experience fortunately. The haircut went quick and the cape she got matched her mask which was so cute. I like the haircut quite a bit. For doing so well Reese got to pick out a toy from the store and picked out a yellow school bus. We went across the street to the park for a while and then headed to REI as my mom was shopping for a gift for Terry. The school bus went all over the store with us. We spent the night hanging out back at home and picked up Pagliacci’s Pizza for our last dinner together while watching Moana, another Reese favorite. On this night both Grammy and Grandad got called in for bedtime duties.

Saturday morning was a sad one for me as I was neither wanting to say goodbye to my parents nor be alone again without others in the house. We did as much playing as we could and exchanged early Mother’s Day gifts and then headed out to the airport around 10 am to drop them off. We said our goodbyes and my parents made their long trip home back to Michigan. Reese and I did our usual on airport drop off day (this is becoming routine since Bryan’s flight always leaves the same time as theirs on the weekend); we got fast food French fries (something you can’t do near our house) and then drove to a new to us playground. This time we went to Wallingford Playfield and I’m not kidding, we were there for two hours in the surprisingly sunny weather. I picked up food for me on the way home and we got home to settle into a movie and then before I knew it both of us were sound asleep for a nice long nap, which I definitely needed.

I am already counting down the days to the next time we see the family in Michigan and for our next visitors. It was a wonderful week and I will have some very good memories from it.


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