Bryan’s Return…For Some Time!

Bryan is home, and this time for a longer period of time and I couldn’t be more happy. Especially since I thought he was already going to be having to head back today or yesterday. It’s just so much better when he is here. I have been happy to have him here too as I got my second shot last Tuesday and was nervous about what side effects I would have since I’ve heard so many others struggles the immediate days after. Fortunately for me I felt some fatigue but not so much as I have had in general lately. It was still nice to take it nice and easy on Wednesday, taking a little bit of time away from work in the afternoon and just enjoy having Bryan with me on the couch.

Sharing a morning bowl of cereal.

Reese has been excited to have daddy home as well, although, she likes to give him a hard time too and knows how to push his buttons. On Friday we celebrated the end of the week and the last of the nice weather we’ve had before the rain hit this weekend and took Reese to Cal Anderson park after school and then got dinner at Redhook Brewlab in Capitol Hill before walking back home through a surprisingly bustling night on the hill. We managed to get Reese to soccer on Saturday and she was excited to go, although it was our fault that we got there about 20 minutes late. She still had energy to burn at the end of class so we spent a few minutes running around the field and jumping on the blow up dividers like she likes to do. The rest of Saturday was drizzly and rainy and we hung out inside except decided to talk a walk up to Plum Tree Park after dinner with Reese in her rain gear for the first time in what feels like forever.

Sunday started off rather lazy but we finally got ourselves together in the late afternoon and headed towards Seward Park to walk around the park, hit the playground and get back for dinner and a movie. It was a glorious walk in the sunshine and with spring in full bloom here right now it was absolutely gorgeous and the water was calm. In addition, this weekend was our first true attempt at working on potty training. Bryan and I have not been pushy about it at all but we think Reese is now ready and we had mostly success this weekend. Reese is perfectly capable of going potty and did so often this weekend but only when we are telling her to go. If we don’t tell her to she still doesn’t tell us when she needs to go and did have a few accidents in her undies. It’s something we will still continue to work on over the weekends until she can start to initiate it herself.

Back at school and work today which I don’t think any of us were all too excited about although I think Reese was beyond thrilled to find Lottie ready and waiting for her at school this morning. She got to sit next to her at breakfast and the two started catching up with one another like mature adults. They are just too funny together.


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