Holy Hot

It felt darn right hot here this past week and particularly this weekend. It got up to 80 both Saturday and Sunday and I finished the weekend off with a sunburn (Bryan did too but his came from South Carolina). This weekend felt like straight summertime which was glorious and included a lot of lunches with friends but otherwise a lot of hanging at home in the backyard. I couldn’t really convince Reese to do much else but be outside in the backyard exploring all of the toys and the pool that have been abandoned all winter. And of course a majority of this time was filling up pails of water to water the pots, of which I must participate in Lottie’s absence.

Friday night was actually eventful and glorious. I learned how to hook up Reese’s bike trailer to my bike and I set out a tad early to pick up Reese from school with the bike. We then took the long way around Lake Union, going through downtown and then hitting the Burke Gilman trail, before ending in Eastlake at a playground we have never been to. It was a good playground that had a play airplane that kept Reese interested in for practically the entire time there. Before it was going to get dark we walked the block over to Pecado Beuno for a San Diego burrito and chips eaten on the patio. It was busy and they had Friday night jams on that Reese was all about dancing to. After finishing dinner, we retrieved our bikes and set back home through the peace and quiet of Interlochen which even Reese announced on the bike she liked. In total it was only about a 10 mile bike ride but I felt pretty fatigued by the end but also pretty pleased with myself for the trip.

Saturday morning was supposed to start with soccer but I cannot convince Reese to do anything other than play at home come Saturday morning. We are going to try to officially move her soccer class to Sundays from here on out. Instead of soccer, we broke out the kiddie pool and all of the toys in the backyard. After quite some time we changed out of our swimsuits and headed over to see Polly and Ryu before they have their new baby girl. They picked us up a slew of tacos from El Camion and we ate in their backyard, Reese solely focused on their dog Momo in mild fear all through lunch. We saw the baby’s nursery and then walked the block over to the park next to their house for Reese to run around. It was great catching up with Polly and I am just so excited for them and their new baby who should be here in just a few short weeks. Reese and I went back home for the night were we essentially Netflixed and Chilled.

Sunday morning was our new soccer day. Again, I tried to get her ready for an 8:30 class but to no such luck. She didn’t have any interest in getting ready for that but after a bowl of cereal she announced at 8:45 that she wanted to go to soccer. Uhhh, we will try. We got dressed and ready to go and arrived early and were able to get into a 9:30 makeup class. Five minutes in and Reese was not wanting to follow directions or the group and I was planning my escape route. However, as soon as the warm up started, where they run back and forth on the field, her eyes lit up and she participated. She actually did great at following directions on this day much to my surprise.

After soccer we picked up a few friends with their new baby and headed up to Luis and Carina’s house for a BBQ lunch. They graciously included me in their plans and Reese and Eliana are finally starting to get to know one another. We had burgers off the grill and various salads we all contributed and to my shock Reese ate her whole mini burger, although in a deconstructed fashion. She was pretty hungry after all that running at soccer. She was pretty amused with the 4-week old baby; not when it was asleep she didn’t care about it then but when it got it’s diaper changed and took a bottle she was straight up laughing?!? We had a good conversation and it was nice to again see friends and be social. We headed home and Reese’s only nap was again in the car (this was the case on Saturday too so needless to say I didn’t get much of a break this weekend). Once home we were back in the backyard, breaking out all of the toys and me needing to participate with everything. I was exhausted and finally convinced Reese to come inside for dinner and a movie around 6 pm.

I felt relief dropping her off at school this morning. We received an email last night that the first known positive COVID case was found at daycare in the preschool room so preschool and pre K rooms are quarantined for 10 days! I don’t know what I would do. Reese probably wants that to happen, at least while Lottie is still away in New York. It’s still supposed to be beautiful through Wednesday and then start to cool off but that’s okay because at least Bryan is coming home on Wednesday!


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