Enter Spring

I feel like spring is in full swing over here. We are having a stretch of very nice weather, lots of sunshine, flowers and trees blossoming, and it’s glorious. It makes our basically nightly playground rendezvous more enjoyable and our morning walks that much more sweaty. Reese and I are on our own again with Bryan originally gone for just a week this time around but this trip just got extended until Wednesday… It was nice to have him home for a week but I wished it were longer. He basically had to go back to Charleston so that he could get his second COVID vaccine as we weren’t having any luck scheduling here in Washington.

While Bryan was home we celebrated Easter, twice actually. We had Sarah and Lottie over for our second annual Easter benedict brunch and Easter egg hunt at our house. After we all got our fill the girls napped and then we walked over to a fellow PEPS and daycare friend’s house for a massive Easter egg hunt in which we brought home way too much candy. Fast forward a week and this past Saturday we were invited over to Luis and Carina’s for another brunch and Easter egg hunt (thankfully no candy this time) along with Philipp and Sara and the three girls. It was a sunny morning with a delicious quiche and Reese being unusually quiet around the other girls.

Aside from Easter festivities, our family dined at Tavolata for Seattle Restaurant Week one day last week on a rather overcast and cool day. We had a delicious dinner and Reese demolished the bread. Reese practiced with her new scooter and spent afternoons at the park. We had several movie nights at home and basically Bryan and I could barely stay awake past Reese who required to be the last one downstairs every single night.

Since Bryan has left I’ve tried my best to keep us entertained and active to fully enjoy the weather. After a great nap on Sunday we met Lottie and her mom and grandma at the park for a playdate and we joined them again at the park after school on Monday. On Tuesday, Reese and I headed north by car to a new to us park that had massive swings and one of those zipline swings that Reese is now obsessed with. After a while we walked to the nearby Whole Foods that has a Next Level Burger inside and I had a Yelp perk (first one in awhile) to try one of their signature burgers and cookies and cream shake. I knew nothing of this restaurant before and learned that it is vegan and honestly the absolute best vegan/veggie burger that I have ever had and honestly one that could rival some true beef burgers. I kept looking at the burger in disbelief because it was that good. Reese wanted chicken wings from the hot bar at Whole Foods and after finishing two we had to go back in and get some more. This girl does like wings.

I’m trying to spring clean around the house and yard. We are trying to rearrange things and trying to create more space. I have cleared out the backyard shed that didn’t have really anything of ours stored in it and after nearly seven years it was time to go through it. I’m also trying to whittle away the various things that we have stored in the workout room. Yes, it would be easiest to just throw it away or donate it all, and I probably will, but still trying to sell a few items. Reese has been sweet and currently enjoys naptime only on the couch so I get some sweet shots of her sleeping.

Those naptime sleeping shots

Trying to keep us busy this weekend since its going to be absolutely beautiful and so we don’t feel Bryan’s absence too much.


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