Chelsea Lately Q1 2021

What’s new with me so far this year?

  • I’ve been single parenting quite a lot and I don’t like it quite a lot.
  • I’ve been enjoying getting back into the Fitnessblender routine with lots of inspiration to do so from my mom.
  • Far less running for me lately but quite a bit of walking. The spring flowers and scents and of course sunshine has made the walks even more pleasant.
  • Got my bike out for the first bike ride of the year two weeks ago and it was glorious. Then got caught in a downpour on my return home.
  • Have still been reading; read LaRose for January’s book club, which I didn’t care for, then read Becoming Ms. Burton for March’s book club and loved this one, then read Killing Women which wasn’t the best written book but was fascinating as it takes place in my hometown and I have heard some of the stories of Donald Miller growing up, and I’m now nearly finished with Untamed for April’s book club and it is the best book (for me) that I have read in quite some time. Love it!
  • I take Reese to the playground pretty much every single day after school. One, she likes it quite a lot and two, I’m better at parenting at a playground then finding fun things to do around the house.
  • I just got my haircut and got a good amount taken off. We will see whether I end up liking it or not.
  • Work since the beginning of the year has been rather slow. There was a few weeks push to get a bid project out for Toronto but then we didn’t end up winning that job so that slowed things down. A new big bid project for Sydney Metro starts in two weeks though and that is supposedly fast and furious until August.
  • I actually enjoyed cleaning up the yard for the spring and Polly’s birthday. I do enjoy working outside, however, I’m also happy to not have to worry about anything else to do with the yard for the rest of the summer and most likely won’t be gardening anything but herbs unless I snag some tomato plants from a friend or neighbor giving them away (this happens a lot). Our yard just can’t grow much. But our backyard no longer looks like white trash yard.
  • We’ve rehired the housecleaners who come once a month and this is literally the very best day of the month for me each and every month.
  • I got glasses for the first time ever. I only wear them while working, and when I remember to do that even, but I actually really like them.
  • I’m half vaccinated and it feels so good. I’ll be fully vaccinated on April 20th.
  • I did literally the worst I’ve ever down in the March Madness tournament this year. On the other hand, Bryan won for his first time!
  • Inspiration for cooking is at a pretty low spot right now. With Bryan gone so much Reese and I are all about easy convenient meals and then he returns home and I find myself reaching for meal boxes delivered to us a lot of the time.
  • I just upgraded my scooter helmet. Truth be told, our two old helmets were old and scratched and one was starting to get some mildew on the inside from the wet environment that is Seattle. I’ve since cleaned them but took the opportunity to get two new helmets, one for each of us in the same style but different colors. Reese, in the meantime, loves having us all put on the helmets.
  • I snagged a free pair of Apple air pods off of Buy Nothing and I am a fan. Since, I have been listening to a lot more podcasts on the way to get Reese. Mostly true crime podcasts (?!?).
  • Guilty pleasure shows while Bryan has been gone include: Bridgerton, Good Girls, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Real Housewives of Orange County, and now 90 Day Fiance the Other Way. This show gives me the utmost appreciation for Bryan and for living in the USA, more than probably any other single thing I know of.
  • I’ve been trying to go through things around the house in my annual spring cleaning effort. Trying to sell items but may just need to start running items to Goodwill which I believe has reopened.
  • I really enjoy my morning and nightly cuddles on the couch with Reese. She is especially cuddly during these times.
  • I cannot stomach anymore Easter candy right now.


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