Get Out of Town

…Is exactly what I need right now! I’ve been in Seattle for too long and I’m itching to get away for some time. Thankfully, we are heading out to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula this afternoon. Game plan is to leave around 4 PM, pick up Reese, catch the 4:45 PM ferry to Bainbridge, dine on the upper outdoor balcony at Tizley’s (haven’t been in 2+ years) in Poulsbo for some Bavarian fare, and should arrive at my coworker’s beach house in Sequim around 8 PM. Wish us luck with our plan! I’m packed and ready to go thanks to getting the notice yesterday late morning that my company came in second (again!) for our design proposal for the Toronto metro project we were working on. I went from very busy to not too much. There’s still work to be had for sure but my work commitments and work stress just went out the window. So I’m ready for a weekend away.

This is Reese packing for the cooler for the weekend.

Bryan, on the other hand, only has work ramping up as the days go on. He went down to Auburn yesterday for work and didn’t get home until 7 PM (after leaving before Reese and I were even awake). Meanwhile, after school, Reese and I walked in the glorious sunshine to her dental appointment down the street, treated her to a birthday cake cookie from Lowrider (our cookie counter) because she did so amazing at the dentist, then walked to a park we haven’t been to in ages, then walked back home to make a frozen pizza and salad. Fortunately, Bryan walked in right as we were sitting down to dinner.

It hasn’t been all stress for Bryan since getting home. We had a really wonderful weekend together in Seattle this past weekend and good weather to boot. After returning home, Mr. East Coast Bryan woke up early Saturday morning, allowing me to sleep in while he and Reese made our Saturday morning breakfast AND then he took Reese to soccer so I also had some time to myself! I wanted to get my Personal Fitness Test in for the end of my Fitness Blender program and jogged up to the high school to run on the track. Reese loved soccer this week with Daddy and was in a great and joyful mood all weekend long. We hung out at home, in the backyard for a bit as well as playing games inside, made a salmon dinner and really just enjoyed being the three of us.

Reese’s mood at soccer.

Sunday morning was more chill and Reese even snoozed on me for an early nap on the couch. We packed up the “little car” as Reese now calls the BOB stroller and set out for a nice long walk outside. We picked up cookies from Lowrider on the way, knowing we were going to be walking for awhile and to treat Reese. She ate her whole massive cookie pretty quickly. We walked three miles to Mt. Baker Park and Reese thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful playground for a long time. We finally convinced her to get back in the stroller after she had done literally everything there was to do at the park and a circuit on the ladder, bridge and slide more than a dozen times. We walked back home and enjoyed another night of relaxing before the work week hit.

This week has gone fast and maybe that is thanks to me thinking today is Friday. I will not be working tomorrow but I know that Bryan will have to for a bit at least. Sarah and Lottie are still planning on joining us but most likely not until Friday as Sarah has been quite sick the past several days and is just now feeling better. I do hope they join us tomorrow and that might work well having one night to ourselves in the rental. Regardless, we are leaving and I can’t wait.

Also, can’t believe it’s already March…and that I have now been working from home just shy of one whole year.


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