Us Girls Again

Having Bryan home for a full two weeks was such a treat and made it super sad to say goodbye to him again this past Sunday. Reese and dadda have really bonded and have been having a lot of fun together and I think that she was sad and dismissive when we dropped him off at the airport. She totally understands what it means when we tell her that daddy is having to leave again and go on the plane. Wait until she is the one flying in a few weeks though. I’m sure she will be excited for the first hour and then will demand getting off the plane once she has deemed the fun has worn off.

But our two weeks with Bryan were full of work, play, snow and rest. After the eventful Valentine’s week and snowy weekend the rest of the time was not too eventful and Bryan had work on his mind often. We enjoyed some good dinners at home as a family, really pushing the eating at the table as the norm for Reese’s routine. We are also making progress with Reese’s morning and nighttime routines thanks to her routine chart that we got. We went to our first official soccer class on Saturday and Reese enjoyed it although she’s torn between following the coach’s directions and doing her own thing. She gradually got better at following the direction of the coach as the hour progressed and still did a lot of running and kicking the ball around. She also got her first little jersey which is so freaking cute.

Reese and her routine chart

After dropping Bryan off at the airport on Sunday Reese and I ventured to Queen Anne to play. We spent a good long while at the East Queen Anne playground swinging, sliding and playing in the sand. There were a lot of kids there and Reese was having too good of a time to leave. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to nap when we got home so we did a little painting and then we walked up the hill to retrieve Lottie as Sarah was suffering from a horrible migraine. Lottie spent the rest of the day with us and we played in the backyard for some time before heading in to make a homemade pizza and watch Finding Dory for what has become my form of Girls Night for the past year. We took a quick bath and donned PJs and then Lottie headed home for the night.

The rest of the week was excruciatingly busy and stressful for me with work. The work day everyday was so hectic but I still managed a few workouts and Reese and I ventured to the playground twice more. I picked up some pick-me-up pastries one morning along with a Starbucks latte and another night we picked up a cheesesteak sandwich to share. Lottie and Sarah came over for Indian takeout on Thursday which was a nice “social” event and the lone one of the week.

Bryan came back today and this time I wasn’t able to pick him up because of work but he was back home via Uber by 1 pm. Reese was thrilled to see her daddy back and was in such a good sweet mood the rest of the night. I’m looking forward to two weeks with Bryan again and really looking forward to getting away for a weekend next week.


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