Daddy’s Back

Both Reese and I were thrilled to have Bryan back with us for the weekend. I picked Bryan up at 2:30 pm on Friday and after we got caught up we walked to get Reese together but Bryan was the one to get Reese from her school and she gave him a big bear hug…then continued to give him a good squeeze for a long portion of the walk home. We stopped at the playground and stopped for a cookie and then made it back home for enchiladas and us all to pass out with relief of being back together.

Talking to Daddy on the playground

We had a pretty low key weekend and it was glorious. Lottie came over for a few hours Saturday morning after we had finished pancakes and the girls enjoyed one another’s company. We spent the afternoon playing with toys and watching movies. After a lazy day we were ready for some exercise!

Sunday morning we took Reese to a trial class of soccer with the Lil Kickers program at Arena Sports. I wasn’t sure what she would be like; would she be timid or leery of participating with all new kids and a new coach in a new environment or would she just jump right in? Jump right in she did. We got there about 15 minutes ahead of her class start time and that meant we spent about 15 minutes restraining her from running onto the field. Once it was her turn we had several minutes to kick the soccer ball around together before her class of three other girls showed up and they began games and exercises that challenged Reese to listen and follow the rules but also got her running and active. She loved the class and when asked if she wanted to go back she nodded yes so we decided to go ahead and sign her up starting next weekend but at another location. It will be good for her on many levels and its fun for us as parents to get to be on the field and participate with her.

Sunday afternoon was Super Bowl primarily. Bryan went for a run ahead of game time and then came back and we had a snack platter to kick off the game. It’s always interesting watching a lengthy game with Reese but I did my best to actually pay attention. She did watch the end of the game with a lot of commentary and watched the whole halftime show. We picked up sandwiches and fries just after half time and were hoping the game would reduce the score margin but no such luck.

We’ve started the week with some sunshine and its glorious despite being cool. I went for a long run on Monday and it felt good to break up my strength and HIIT schedule which I am now behind on. Bryan has been busy and stressed with this project for the 787 and I feel for him on many levels. He’s had to work late putting together a presentation and he’s up early to attend meetings with those on the East Coast. I’m working on morning and evening routines for Reese and just ordered some customized dry erase charts which I’m hoping will help ease the current struggle which is getting ready to leave the house and getting ready to go to bed.

My mind is entirely on our pre-Valentine’s dinner night out al-fresco dining at Harvest Vine on Thursday without Reese. Literally can’t wait as I think the last time we’ve had this was for our anniversary and the only other time we have been out on a date since the beginning of Covid. Can’t wait!


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