Woman of the House

What a two weeks! Don’t be surprised I didn’t blog in the past two weeks, there wasn’t a whole lot of free time around here. That doesn’t mean that I was stressed or worn out per say, but I just didn’t have a lot of extra time between Reese, work, making/eating food, working out and Facetiming Bryan. I’m sure there was sleep in there too I just can’t remember. But we made it; Reese and I persisted through 12 nights without The Man (no longer The Boy). And, in truth, this time around it was easier. It was longer and that part made it more challenging, certainly the weekend was less fun without him home. But neither Reese nor I were scared of the dark on this go around, to me that was the most stark contrast to the last time.

Reese didn’t like the flash

We have a pretty solid routine, can’t say it is the best routine, but it’s about as good as I can do right now without what I deem minimum amount of sleep, a coparent, and the fact that it is the winter.

Our Routine:

Reese wakes up consistently between 5:45 and 6 AM. We go downstairs and she gets a handful of chocolate chips on a paper towel and we she watches Shawn the Sheep (I try to catch a few more ZZZ’s on the couch which is why I’m not going to throw myself in the hat for Mom of the Year award).

Sometime around 7 AM I start to encourage the getting-ready-for-school process. There is a lot involved here. First, it is making it upstairs. Second, Reese and I brush our teeth (+1 for my New Years resolutions). I also wash my face and sometimes put on makeup while the girl is still brushing her teeth. Next comes clothes. It’s a toss up who gets dressed first. This is the challenging part. She sometimes has preferences which clothes she puts on (and there will never be enough pink or floral-patterned clothes in her drawer to satisfy her tastes) and at all times her preference is to not get dressed…so it’s a battle. I finally get us both dressed and have somehow been able to do her hair the past few weeks on most days. Next up is socks, shoes, jacket, and then whatever else she gets her hands on because this is where she really procrastinates getting out the door.

Success…around 8-8:30 AM we have made it outside the front door. It’s a good day if we can walk to school and Reese generally happily gets into her stroller with a small snack as we then walk the 20-30 minutes to school. If it’s raining out though we take the car and Reese nor I are as thrilled about it. Drop off is anywhere between 8:20 (on a really good day) and 9 (where I am beyond stressed). She’s happy to be at school once we are there, which is usually just in time for breakfast. She gives me a hug and kiss goodbye and I give her a wave at the door.

Between 8:45 and 9:15 AM I am back home to get my own breakfast and coffee and start on work. Ho hum, the day goes on. I try to get a quick workout in when I can during the day, usually late afternoon, and then my goal is to be back at school to pick her up around 4:30 PM and usually no later than 5.

After school we try to hit a playground if we can. There are a few that are either on the way home or nearby school that we frequent. Sometimes Lottie comes with, sometimes we walk there and sometimes we drive. Our duration is usually around 30 minutes or more before I can convince Reese to head home. Sometimes we stop at Lowrider (our cookie counter with exceptional cookies) for a cookie and sometimes we might stop by PCC for a handful of groceries and a free apple for Reese.

Dinner around 6 – 6:30 PM. Lately Reese is only convinced to eat corn on the cob, french fries, fruit, dumplings, pizza and sometimes salad or at least cucumbers. She always tries the broccoli if it’s on her plate but it’s usually one bite (but I’m happy she still tries it every single time). We do some playing, watch more Sheep, and cuddle on the couch. We’d also Facetime Bryan at this point which ended up being more me talking to Bryan and less Reese this go around.

It’s been around 8 PM that we head up to get ready for bed. Because it’s a bit on the later side and Reese hasn’t been keen on baths lately, it’s a very quick bedtime. She prefers to wear the shirt she wore all day (which is usually a new shirt that they put her in at school) and no pants. I cannot convince her to wear PJs only sometimes a new shirt if the shirt she is wearing is not long sleeved (she likes long sleeves to bed apparently). I then lay down with her and it’s usually about 20-30 minutes before she’s fast asleep.

I’m done around 8:30 – 9 to get myself ready to bed, clean up the kitchen and living room and then I’ve been watching about 1 hour of TV before heading up to bed myself to read in bed a bit before falling asleep. A few nights I might need to catch up on work during my “downtime” (this wouldn’t probably be a necessity if I hadn’t worked out but I’m not about to work out at 9 PM, my mom might be able to do that but not homegirl).

It’s an exciting life, I know! There were a few variations in our daily activities. We did get together with Sarah and Lottie three times for dinner at one or the other of our houses. We had our neighbors over outdoors (in the drizzle too) to talk daycare/preschool options. We also went on a walk to get cookies with our neighbors on Sunday morning. We ventured south and explored Petco and stopped into Carter’s to buy Reese a backpack and new florally pants. We went for a walk at Gas Works Park with Polly, Carina and Eliana. And we picked up food on a few occasions.

Of course weekends are different; not bedtime or wake up time but there is a lot more play in there, of course nap time, more meals and snacks, books, puzzles, etc. Reese was a bit of a stinker over the weekend; part homebody and part teenager it seemed. She didn’t want to do much, especially not listen to her mama, and we had a few meltdowns early in the week this week. It’s improved and I think she is back to liking me but I think her preference is about to be her daddy.

Yeah for Bryan’s return!


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