Christmas, It’s Practically Here!

It’s literally just a day away and that is crazy to me. But I’m prepared. Gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Our dinner plans for Christmas have been selected and groceries have been picked up. We’ve already blown through all of our cookies from the cookie exchange but we have a grasshopper pie ready to go in the freezer. We are hanging low just the three of us for Christmas Eve and will go out to see lights after dinner. Sarah and Lottie are joining Christmas Day after we open our own presents at home. I’m excited for Reese to open up her presents this year and what she thinks of it all. It snowed Monday night and got our jackets on to go out and see it. Snow is gone now but it was exciting while it came down. And we have walked to get holiday treats on occasion which have been both fun and delicious.

To update on my updates from a few weeks ago…

  • We did go wine tasting outside at Novelty Hill and it was a surprisingly enjoyable time.
  • After receiving my ID in the mail, I then lost it again a week later (not a good idea to no longer keep it in my wallet, haven’t been since Covid). So vision appointment is scheduled for 12/30 so that I can get a new ID before Bryan leaves for South Carolina.
  • Although I was totally predicted to win the last week of Fantasy and head into Playoffs, I lost by a long shot thanks to my opponents stellar game and didn’t end of making it.
  • Fitnessblender game is still going strong and I just finished Day 16 and am really enjoying it. I’m set to finish the current program January 6th or 7th.
  • We did do the cookie exchange and had quite the platter of cookies that resulted from it (good thing for Fitnessblender).

We’ve enjoyed lots of parks recently and the girls are getting good at guilting me into taking Lottie with us after school which ends up having once or twice a week. Reese has been doing a lot of jumping on the couches lately, some puzzle work, and still tons of reading. She is eating much better at dinner with us and literally jumps for joy when she gets to open up her (3) advent calendars at night. She’ll be sad when they are over tomorrow.

Bryan’s been busy getting up to speed with this new project he will be working on. We will be tag teaming working and watching Reese during this “break”. My work has been slow but steady which is appreciated during this time of year, especially when I am still running around picking up grocery orders and getting gifts together.

Can’t believe the holidays are upon us and this crazy year is almost over!


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