Reese Lately

  • Reese went through a phase of being on EST and essentially took all of 0.5 seconds to fall asleep at night and now we are back to somewhere around a 30+ minute bedtime routine that may require requests for pats on the back, blanket, to be tucked in, Wubba, Elmo, crackers, water, and last night it was toast.
  • Reese at least is starting to learn the magic of the color changing night light so that she cannot wake up until after her light turns green; 5:30 am to start but we will be pushing that back until at least 6 am. I have actually had some large chunks of sleep myself lately which is the first time in forever and makes me feel so much better during the day.
  • Reese’s latest favorite foods would be: corn (on the cob is a requirement), toast, chocolate, cookies, pizza, pepperoni, ground beef, sometimes broccoli, rice, sometimes salad.
  • We still walk to school on every non-rainy day (which has been most days recently) and this girl is getting much more difficult to push up hill. She is still barely 23 lbs though, whereas Lottie is now more like 27 lbs. There has only been one day in months now that Reese asked to ride in the car instead of the stroller to school, and that was today.
  • Both Reese and Lottie are exactly 33.5″ tall per our growth chart.
  • The conversations Reese now has with us and Lottie are impressive. She knows so many words and knows how to string them into logical sentences and phrases.
  • She regularly tells her dad where to go; “go shower”, “go run”, “go to sleep”, “go work”.
  • Reese is currently climbing all over the couch and up and over her bed rails, thankfully during the day and not during the night.
  • Reese likes to bring me my coffee, eeek!
  • Reese currently is transfixed with Shaun the Sheep, so much so, we are now ready to go back to Sesame Street when we can. Although, we both love the show as well.
  • Reese is really into books lately. She still prefers reading to herself and turning the pages but occasionally we get to read a book to her.
  • Reese is liking Christmas lights a lot. She loves our tree and taking the ornaments off, she is obsessed with Frosty and she likes it when Google sings her Christmas songs. When the first wrapped presents were found under the tree she just sat next to them for about 15 minutes, obviously very eager to open them.
  • Lately nap time for us has been mostly a miss. She either will not take a nap for us or it is like all of 30 minutes. On the other hand, her main teacher at school told me just last week that they usually have to wake her up at the end of nap time because she sleeps so long. Go figure!
  • Reese is fast, on the playground and just in general. She is quickly learning to climb ladders and has started experimenting with going down slides head first.
  • Reese likes to push on our bellies and say, “SQUISHY”.
  • We think she doesn’t like Bryan’s beard and that is why she often times tells him “no kisses”.
  • She likes drinking bubble water.
  • We’ve been doing these cheap chocolate advent calendars we picked up from Trader Joe’s. We each have one but Reese helps each of us open it and then gets to eat all three candies. Go figure. She completely understands the premise of opening only one a day.
  • Reese still says “I’m working” when she is in the process of going #2.
  • She must have hands on Lottie at all times.


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