Weekend Over Already

Did we have a weekend? I’m not sure we did because it seems as though both Bryan and I did not recover fully. And I think we can probably all guess who to blame that on…

Weekend started relaxing enough. I had a hair appointment so I got out of the house which is a rare moment for me. Bryan got in a ride on our new bike trainer (it’s great!). The three of us walked to a great little neighborhood park that is no longer taped off and Reese literally ran from slide to slide. She didn’t want to leave but it was getting late and we had to get dinner. It was a truly great Friday night.

…however, I believe that Reese was fighting something off this weekend, her bestie has been sick with a fever, and she just didn’t seem fully there, seemed to be running a little warm, and was ultra clingy. It’s not Covid though because Bryan and I tested again this week and we are still negative. We had our usual Saturday breakfast and then Bryan and I took turns going for runs in the afternoon since we had planned on taking Reese with us but she took her nap at 10:30 in the morning on my lap. Fortunately, I had my book and the fire on so it was actually very peaceful. Which I needed because when the girl was awake it was not so peaceful. She was moody and sensitive all of Saturday. She never got dressed and never indicated wanting to leave the house, so she didn’t. Bryan got to watch his football game and we had a low key Saturday night. Relieved to have put Reese to bed not even 30 minutes go by and our power goes out so we can’t watch TV or read a book and then the girl wakes up, inconsolable. This happens multiple times Saturday night and I am soooo tired come Sunday morning.

Bryan was wonderful and made me breakfast Sunday morning and made our coffee. Reese was still something else Sunday morning, still in diaper, still extremely clingy and sensitive. We tried to see if she wanted to go for a family bike ride but that was a no. She told me she wanted to take a nap but that turned out also to be a no. I needed to get out of the house and it was so nice out so I escaped and went as far on my bike as I could to return home in an hour…which ended up being about 15.5 miles of glorious solo riding along the still closed Lake Washington Boulevard, past Seward Park and back home. Once home the girl was ready for a nap so I put her down and Bryan did his own solo ride around Mercer Island and back. Reese was still asleep and we watched the nail biter of a game against the Cowboys, ultimately moving the Seahawks to 3-0.

Playground take 2

After the game, I finally got Reese dressed and shoes on. She actually seemed excited to go on a walk. Bryan went to the driving range with the guys and I took Reese on a walk in the glorious fall sunshine and we found another playground to play on. And boy did she! We spent at least an hour at the park, doing multiple slides, swinging, learning the various ladders. I couldn’t get her to leave. I finally had to carry her away from the playground to continue the short walk to Humble Pie to order a pizza and beer and where Bryan met us shortly thereafter. Humble Pie is outdoor picnic table seating only and has their own chickens which Reese enjoys watching. We dined al fresco before returning home and putting a tired Reese to bed. Fortunately she slept better on this night.

This girl loves her pink boots.

Back to Monday and Bryan and I are literally counting down the work days until we have a break. We didn’t get together with Sarah and Lottie this weekend so we are picking up Lottie tonight with Reese and having burgers at our house with them. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week so we are much looking forward to that. Despite the rainy weather last week, Bryan and I were able to still get in some exercise thanks to the aforementioned bike trainer we purchased. Bryan has a good setup for it in the garage, complete with a desk for iPad and a box fan. I’m still not eager for the winter months but think we are setting ourselves up the best we can to get through them. Hopefully this week flies by and we get outside plenty to soak up these early fall rays.


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