Doubling Down on the Lock Down

While Bryan and I were already fully prepared to hibernate once more, after having a pretty socially full (all outside but still) weekend during Chad’s visit, I don’t think what we had in mind was a week and weekend so full of smoke that we literally couldn’t leave the house. No, pretty sure that is not what we had in mind. But that doesn’t matter because that is exactly what was in store for us this past weekend. Friday through Sunday I left the house two times, for very brief stints. Although Reese begged to go outside several times, we convinced her to play indoors, even bringing in her slide for the weekend. But we managed to entertain her and ourselves, at least somewhat.

  • There was a lot of obstacles courses, now with the use of frisbees, more pillows, the slide and the full circuit of the downstairs.
  • There was a lot of sliding, and not just Reese partook, we both had to “go down” the slide too.
  • Thank goodness for opening weekend of football (and the US Open) for keeping us entertained for a portion of the weekend.
  • There was visit from Lottie and Sarah for dinner at our house on Saturday night. We had a home-cooked Indian meal and the girls enjoyed each other, mostly.
  • We had our weekly pancake breakfast which we hadn’t had for some time.
  • I got in one indoor workout, moving all of the weights I needed to the bedroom as the air quality in the workout room isn’t the best.
  • We ventured out once on Sunday evening to go get Menchie’s for the first time in soooo long. And it was delicious!
  • We are switching up Reese’s sleep situation from crib to her own bed. We’ll see how this goes.
  • And we attempted potty training to see how it would go on Sunday morning. After a few leaks on the floor but a lot more time on the potty we decided we are going to wait a fair bit longer before we try again.
Fun times back to when I apparently risked our lungs and our life walking to get softserve while Bryan was out golfing with the boys

I’m definitely feeling a bit claustrophobic in this house now. First, we can’t go anywhere inside, and now we can’t go anywhere outside, so… We keep watching the air quality forecast with hopes that the smoke will blow out but we keep getting let down and now it doesn’t look like it will be that way until the end of the week. Work has still been busy for the both of us so at least I guess we got a good distraction. And I have a very close matchup in my first week of fantasy draft to pull out tonight…


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