She’s Two!!

I can’t believe she’s two and yet I can. She’s grown so fast so quickly in the past few months and everyday she impresses me with new words she has learned and new skills she has developed. She’s still our sweet and happy daughter but she has authority, confidence, and sass to go along with that. We’ve had a great second year, despite everything that has been thrown our way, and I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring. Here is a little update with Reese:

  • New words and phrases that impress me include: octopus, obstacle course, playdoh, popsicle, blackberries, dinosaurs, coffee, too much, back to the house, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail clippers, other, no spills, toenails, slippery.
  • She’s been described as “loud” and “fast” by her teachers at school. That’s pretty on point.
  • She’s had her toenails painted for the first time (as of a few days ago) and loves them.
  • She’s just starting to learn to count and getting a bit better at the ABCs. She’s also finally starting to learn her colors.
  • She’s been really into trains and play doh lately. She’s also starting to sort and place things methodically, also doing puzzles. Books are also a big thing right now so thank goodness for her bookcase.
  • Her focus for movies is still minimal but she does enjoy about 30 minutes of Sesame Street before bedtime sitting with us on the couch most every night.
  • She’s getting better at eating at meal times and we’ve done away with her tray at the table.
  • She’s still not into brushing her teeth but did stellar at our super short dentist appointment.
  • She weighs about 23 lbs at this point and with her her first official weigh-in in months at today’s doctor’s appointment she is in the 3rd percentile. She’s 33 inches tall which puts her in the 30th (or 40th I can’t remember) percentile. I find it funny that infant car seats are 30 lbs or 30 inches because I cannot honestly imagine her being 30 lbs before 30 inches.
  • She loves turning her little night light on and off at bedtime. I don’t think she’s a big fan of the dark.
  • She’s very commanding right now with “mama sit here” and “dadda sit there”. She’s also finally saying “yes” to things. She’s been doing “uh huh” for some time now.
  • I think she is well liked at school. When we arrive all of the kids say “Reeeeese” with enthusiasm and Reese loves saying “Bye Bye” to everyone when she leaves for the day.
  • We’ve just recently transitioned from night time baths to night time showers.
  • She stuffs her socks into her shoes when she takes them off and I just find that so cute.
  • When I let her have a treat I tell her “two” but sometimes that “two” turns into “too much” and she thinks that’s funny.
  • She still doesn’t like cows milk but she will down her peanut butter chocolate milks when her dad makes them for her.

And here are some scenes from her 2nd birthday party this past weekend.


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