Parents Two Years Later

Before I go on about how wonderful Reese is and all of the growing she has made recently now that she is about to turn two, I thought I would briefly chime in on how her wonderful and amazing parents are doing.


I think that Bryan has felt somewhat fortunate to be able to work from home for awhile. Knowing that he wanted to spend a minimum of two years in his current management role, his two year mark is quickly approaching and fortunately nearly a year of that has not brought with it the lengthy commute to and from Auburn. For the longest time he was enjoying sharing a bowl of cereal or yogurt with Reese in the morning and he still gets to kiss her goodbye before she is off to school.

He has also had more time and flexibility to get back into a routine of working out and has impressively been working out all but two rest days a week. And he is getting FAST! He’s running quicker than ever and going on speedy 30ish mile bike rides here and there, on top of almost weekly family rides. He’s definitely feeling fitter and is hoping to continue that into the colder months as we both use exercise to keep us sane, especially now.

But aside from the lack of commute, I do think that Bryan misses seeing coworkers and the work environment. He is still on the phone a ton for his job. He’s learned a lot over the past two years and grown in confidence and knowledge in his current role. I think he has a lot of potential opportunities in whatever he does next at Boeing, they are definitely going to need him because all of the experienced mentors whom just announced they are taking the Voluntary Layoff this go around.

He has gotten together with the guys a few times to play chip n’ putt or go to the driving range and really enjoyed hitting the golf balls far. We are thinking it might be this next week that we finally put his beer making system to use but he’s already had so many people tell him that his bubbly water is the best, and it is!! He’s perfected pancakes on Saturday and making coffee in the morning and knows the right ratio for Reese’s chocolate peanut butter milk at home. We used the grill more than we have the past few summers I think and only lit it on fire once (man I wish I had a video or picture of that, made my night!).


I’m also probably a mixed one when it comes to the whole work from home situation. As much as I like the lack of commute and more freedom and flexibility for say lunches and working out, I miss the office, my coworkers and being downtown. I miss the energy of being in the city and the options for my lunch break around the office. I think I am the type that keeps better focus and productivity when I’m physically in the office. And I just miss catching up with my coworkers on a daily basis, being greeted by our office assistant every morning, Friday donuts, monthly staff meeting lunches, and Carol’s M&M bowl. I don’t find working from home fun and only some times is it more more convenient (and some times less).

Aside from that, similar to Bryan, I have been utilizing the increased flexibility to do a little more exercise. Though, the trade off for me is that I get far less steps from a lifestyle perspective than when I am going to the office (whether it be because I would walk home from the office from time to time, walk somewhere for lunch, or just get way more steps around the office than sitting in one place all day long). I’ve never owned a road bike or clip-in bike shoes but I have thoroughly enjoyed my new bike and shoes and going for some scenic and long solo rides, and certainly our weekend family rides. My running game has not been fast like Bryan’s but I still try to run once a week or so and use it as a short warm-up when I lift at home, which I love strength training! I also do enjoy walking to get Reese from school when I can though she has now essentially made it so she requires being carried home the whole way from school. And it’s uphill both ways!

I guess I have done a decent amount of cooking since we started this whole solitary confinement, which has been fun on some levels and I’ve tried a lot of recipes I have had bookmarked for awhile. We only get takeout once or maybe twice a week so the rest of the meals are pretty much at home. Our tomato plants that I planted with Reese and Lottie are ginormous and full of green tomatoes but just won’t turn red. I suspect I planted them in an area that just doesn’t get enough sunlight during the day. But I have a decent amount of herb planters that have added to the cooking exploration. I am pleased that I finished Reese’s bookcase and have been able to declutter around the house some. I actually finished one book (thanks Mom) and am about to finish two more (one for a girls book club that we are just starting next week and another that I started on my own).

And although the wardrobe I actually use on a weekly basis has slimmed down considerably, I have still found some good pieces through Stitch Fix to add to my closet. I used to carry a backpack, a diaper bag, and sometimes a purse around with me and now its boiled down to my ID and one credit card that I keep in my pocket. Oh, and my mask in the other pocket because I can’t leave home without that (cue panic if I did). I can’t remember the last time I got a mani pedi and have really only been painting my toes when I must and going au natural on my fingers for however long now. I think I have had more stress in my neck thanks to a constant bun or updo since this all began. But at least I’ve upped my skin routine thanks to a friend turning me onto Beauty Counter products and have actually found them quite good so far.

We are both doing as good as we can I believe and Reese is to thank for a lot of that. She’s keeps us on our toes and certainly entertains us on a daily basis. I still try not to think about what the cooler months are going to bring; more difficulty to exercise (but not impossible for us) but definitely more difficulty social distancing when you can’t be outside. I don’t see things changing still for some months so we’ll have to figure it out at some point I guess.


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