Summer Weekends are the Absolute Best

We had another absolutely amazing and gorgeous weekend and just don’t want the summer (or the weekends) to end. We had another mix of physical activity and time spent with just the three of us as well as some fun social time with friends who feel comfortable doing so (outside in our backyard).

We had a low key night on Friday which was great as that helped us have the energy for our lengthiest family bike ride to date. Saturday morning, after pancakes and selling the Jeep (!), we packed up the Chariot and left just after noon for a 39 mile ride. Reese instantly fell asleep for her nap, but only for 30 minutes, and Bryan pulled her over the 520 floating bridge, past the stations that I am designing and are nearly built, past Redmond and our winery in Woodinville, along the Sammammish River to 192 Brewing in Kenmore. Here we stopped for a long break and a beer or two. We got a picnic table outside in the way back and broke out our snacks and each enjoyed some delicious IPAs. Reese got juice so she didn’t feel left out while we were drinking “mama juice” and “dada juice”.

We set back for home, this time with me pulling Reese the remaining third of the way home. We clocked in just over three hours of actual cycling time and arrived back home tired and happy. Reese, meanwhile, wasn’t sure where the Jeep went. We picked up Thai takeout to round out a wonderful day.

The voyage

Sunday morning we had promised to watch Lottie for some time to help Sarah be able to pack up some of her apartment for her upcoming move. Reese and I walked up to retrieve Lottie and checked out the new apartment (same building) where the girls spent 15 minutes running and screaming in the empty space. Once back home, the girls had lunch outside, played and then went down for their nap. Sunday afternoon we invited Sarah and the girl’s daycare friend and PEPS aquaintance Maggie and Harold to come over in the backyard. Bryan made strong spicy margaritas and we we had chicken mole tacos, salad, corn, and Spanish rice. It was a very enjoyable evening with perfect weather and Reese had a ball.

Back to the grind but having to be actually productive I have been actually productive. Now we get to gear up for Reese turning two!


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