One Week In

We have wrapped up our first full week with Reese at daycare and I have to say that I think it was a success on many levels. Reese has transitioned well and seems to be really enjoying her “school” and there is so much more quiet in the house, I can work downstairs which is better with Bryan and I often being in calls or meetings at the same time, and there is so much less to clean up around the house. Bryan and I still miss having the girls here though. It is definitely different around here now.

I don’t know if my expectations were so high with Reese and daycare that I just didn’t think there would be any issue with the transition at all or what, but I was definitely conflicted during drop off and pick up the first two days. Reese didn’t really want me to leave in the morning and although she didn’t cry she did give her pouty face and it broke my heart. She seemed so timid and shy those first few days and it didn’t help that Lottie always got dropped off after we were already there so her confidante wasn’t there to greet her yet. She seemed a little reserved at pick up those first few days as well, though the teachers all said she was eating well, napping, and seemed to be enjoying herself, they just also said that the transition can be hard for the kids.

First day excitement

I believe we hit our groove on Thursday and the whole day lifted my spirits and I knew she was settling in and enjoying her “school”. Thursday morning she was eager to get to school. She jumped down the stairs to her classroom and once inside and once she saw they had just sat down to breakfast, she practically ran over to the sink to wash hands, motioned me over for a quick kiss, and then found her place at the table. There was no attempt to delay my leaving and she looked so much more confident and at ease. It was much the same when I returned to pick her up. She was excited to show me the cars she was playing with. Then as we were getting ready to leave, Lottie came over and Reese said, “Bye Lottie. Love you.” She then said “Bye!!!” enthusiastically to all of the teachers and left with a huge smile on her face. As did I. And Friday morning was the same when she saw the kids that were already there had just sat down for breakfast she literally ran to wash her hands. You’d think we have been starving this kid.

Pretty hunky dory on Thursday afternoon after pickup.

We’ve driven twice to pick Reese up and walked home three times this week and both methods have been nice. Reese enjoys the walk but it is a little too long for her so she ends up getting carried half the way. She also demands a cookie or milkshake (caca milk) on these walks home, which we have obliged this week. Monday and Tuesday were so warm that we had a family swim in our bigger pool in the back yard once we were home and she really enjoyed those swims. Bryan and I have been able to spread out during the day, I’ve been able to tackle more household chores like laundry that hopefully will free up more time on the weekend, and there is about 20 minutes less work in tidying up the kitchen and living room by not having the girls there all day. I have more a sense of freedom now at home as before I literally had to time when I left my one room all day long. It’s also deathly quiet and that’s good for productivity but I think might need to be fixed in a few weeks.

First day after school milk shake treat

I’d say so far so good on this new routine. I’m relieved and happy and have full trust in her daycare teachers. That’s a very good feeling.


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