Lightening Speed

Time currently is flying by like no other time that I can remember. I am shocked that this weekend is already Memorial Day Weekend and I just can’t comprehend how it can already almost be June. How is summer nearly here? Where did spring go? Oh yeah, that’s right, spring was horrendous this year.

I mean, not really, it’s been beautiful here. We have had the opportunity to walk or run through the Arboretum a handful of times in the past few weeks and every single time we comment on how it seems more breathtakingly beautiful than we have ever remembered it being before. The flowers are in full bloom. The smell of late spring is glorious. Allergies are also at an all time high, people’s sneezing and red itchy eyes not to be confused with the Coronavirus. This week wasn’t particularly one for long stints outside but the forecast is on the up and up and we’ve tried to make the most of it with short walks when we can, I’ve been chipping away at weeding and mulching ever so slowly, and Bryan has been working away at his brewing setup.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find myself going stir crazy this past weekend with the cooler and wet weather. Friday was glorious and our weekly happy hour featured Thai food eaten in the backyard, the girls played in the pool, and the drinks were flowing. It was a great wind down from the long week. Bryan and I had also gone for a run together, the first in a long time, right before it. Saturday was spent pretty typically and the rain seized for long enough for us to go on a walk through the Arboretum. Sunday presented sunnier weather and we took advantage of that with a 23-mile down and back bike ride on the Burke Gilman Trail, Reese catnapped for the first half and then we stopped at Magnusson Park to let her walk around, chase the geese and throw rocks in the lake.

This week has been fairly uneventful. Bryan and I just finished the show Dead to Me on Netflix that kept me completely captivated. Reese and I went for a walk with Polly and their dog Momo in a park by their house before returning home and picking up Qdoba takeout on the way. We had our weekly family happy hour on Wednesday and have made use of convenience foods in the freezer this week; leftover enchiladas, Indian meals, frozen pizza. Apparently, I wasn’t as keen on cooking this week as the week prior. It comes and goes.

Dinner and a movie

Reese has continued to be fun and sweet. She is completely shy around strangers now, not sure because of the current social dynamics in the world or just by her own character. But I took her to pick up my preordered groceries at Safeway on Sunday and she was in hog heaven just being there, outside the store, sharing a donut with me. She hasn’t gotten to go anywhere in so long. She hops into the car now to go for a drive. I cannot wait to share more real world experiences with her again. She definitely misses people and places, although she’s doing extremely well considering everything, as we all are.

Grateful for a three day weekend because I need an extra day for a break. Considering a hike and maybe another bike ride again this weekend. Not sure what else but praying Reese actually takes some good naps for us this weekend.


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