One Month Locked Down

It’s officially been one month since Washington enforced the Stay at Home order and, surprisingly, time is starting to move a little faster. Maybe we are getting accustomed to this. Maybe we are forgetting what real life used to look like. Maybe we just made better use of our weekend and broke up the never-ending stretch of work, eat, sleep. Whatever it is, this is the one period of time that I am glad is starting to speed up. However, Reese has been extremely cute and extremely sweet so in that respect this time can last forever.

So Easter weekend came and went. It felt like Easter as best as it could, although we were not able to listen to our church’s sermon thanks to my ineptitude of Instagram and the church not providing any other means of tuning in. We still had friends over for Easter brunch; Sarah, Lottie, and Joie came over for delicious eggs benedicts and mimosas and the girls went on their first ever Easter egg hunt in the backyard. They enjoyed the hunt and enjoyed opening up each egg twice to make sure they got all of the chocolate/goldfish crackers out of them.

Our Friday happy hour was filled with Vodka Collins and Malaysian food from Kedai Makan and the girls were great playing more or less independently outside. We also spent the weekend getting in some family activities. We went for a very long walk through Mt. Baker neighborhood and down to Lake Washington on Saturday and a bike ride through Interlochen and around Lake Union on Sunday. Come Monday I was sore but had the sense that the weekend was actually a weekend! First time in weeks its felt like one.

Honestly, the only daily chores that have become easier with working from home are prepping/cooking dinner and emptying the dishwasher (since I can do this when I grab lunch), and doing loads of laundry. Otherwise, I feel like we are running the dishwasher two to three times more frequently and cleaning the messes from the girls in the kitchen and living room much more often. I’ve been able to cross a few things off of the Covid-19 to-do list (while adding more to it, per usual).

  • Replace the CR-V windshield
  • Clean up the backyard to get it patio weather ready
  • Clean out the big freezer (this weekend)
  • Build Reese a book case
  • Finish decluttering the house
  • Finish Reese’s cross-stitch (this week)
  • Plant herbs
  • Get mulch and weed yard
  • Clean the downstairs thoroughly
  • Clean the bathrooms (NOOOOOO)

Thankfully, the girls don’t seem to be growing too restless staying at our house all day everyday, yet. They have greatly enjoyed the new toys and each other. I think they are actually needing each other more every day. Lottie has had an extremely difficult time saying goodbyes and leaving each and every day and apparently moans “Reese” the whole five-minute ride home. Reese walks out to the car and appears to want to go home with Lottie at the end of the day. They’ve also seen each other at least once most of these weekends so I am surprised that they aren’t completely sick of each other yet. I’m just so relieved that they have each other and the nanny these days because Reese would have gotten sick of just seeing the two of us a long time ago.

I’m definitely looking forward to another weekend and very thankful for this glorious weather that we have been having. We hope to do another bike ride soon and I will have one deadline finished this time tomorrow and will be happy to have that off of my plate.

Stay healthy!


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