Lost Track

We are into week 3? 4? I can’t remember, of sheltering in place and it’s…going. I don’t know how else to put it. My mood is at about a constant 6 out of 10 I’d guess. It could be worse.

We have added a bunch new activities for the girls at the house so they are probably in hog heaven right now. There is the Little Tikes slide, the play house that took a good deal of effort (but a lot of fun) for Bryan to build, and baby dolls that have all arrived in the past week. Reese’s birthday certainly came early this year.

My step count average is quickly going down with my minuscule activity of going from one room to another to work. Our house is marginally cleaner and less cluttered and our fridge is generally well stocked. We are making our best effort to only go grocery shopping once a week and this is something so not accustomed to me that I have found myself trying really hard to just put it on the list when out of somethign rather than just walk and get it right then and there. I blame this on always having lived close to a supermarket. Bryan has his kegerator up and running and let me tell you, it is refreshing and delicious! I would say that at least my water intake is up since this time last week.

We’ve been trying to get in exercise to counteract the lack of steps and Bryan and I have done a couple strength training sessions together and have gone on a run. We still have a yoga class on the backlog to do. My walks with Reese vary from a few blocks to close to a mile when she leads me on them but we need to get in some more good family walks together. The weather has turned and we have had some beautifully sunny days that certainly do brighten my mood.

My exploration in the kitchen has continued. I made our weekly soup, this time of pancetta and split pea with rosemary. We made some steaks, some Rub with Love salmon and some sweet potato, goat cheese and sage stuffed pork. Last week I made some homemade pizzas that came out surprisingly well and we picked up some Vietnamese for our Friday wine night. Probably the thing I am most excited about though is my first successful attempt at creating the Huevos a la Flamenco that we used to so enjoy at Harvest Vine back when they offered brunch. My version, made on Sunday, was pretty darn close to the real deal, and I could eat this every weekend or more often.

Reese waiting and expecting Elmo to come on in bed

Speaking of wine, we might need to go pick up our cases from Novelty Hill as we are down to about 20 bottles, but all are Cabs. My cocktail repertoire has expanded through all of this with Boulevardier for last Wednesday’s family happy hour and gin and tonics on Friday night with our nanny pod. Tonight it’s most likely going to be a manhattan or negroni.

How I feel = increase in beverage consumption

While Bryan has been reading about home brewing at night and watching Westworld I have been trying to finish up my much-overdue cross-stitch project for Reese’s room. Progress has been made but it hardly looks like it. Other items on my Covid-19 task list include:

  • Replace the CR-V windshield
  • Clean up the backyard to get it patio weather ready
  • Clean out the big freezer
  • Build Reese a book case
  • Finish decluttering the house

Manageable task list for sure, it just seems like during all of this when I expect to have more time to do things like this I feel like I have less. Why is that? I also want to get a new bike and start taking some family bike rides, granted, it seems easier to do that when we have a destination in mind. I still think the city should just close a bunch of streets to allow for wide open, spacious play space for alternative modes of transportation during these days of limited road traffic. Just an idea!

We are managing this as best we can and I am still looking forward to Easter. Thankful for family, friends and everything else getting us through all of this.


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