New Norm

Working from home, eating at home, working out at home, and playing at home has become the new norm 24/7. I think my stress levels have gone down these past few weeks (according to my watch) but so has my levels of social interaction, new experiences, adventures, and generally zest for life. That’s not to say we aren’t having a good time. We are trying our best to enjoy this time and appreciate this time as a family. But it’s not always easy. Thankfully I think we have added in some healthy hobbies and self-care activities to keep this time at least semi-interesting.

My self-care routine has helped my mental sanity the past two weeks and given me sometime to put on my “calendar” as well as give me something to look forward to each day. I’ve given myself one pedicure and two face masks, I’ve spent one day baking, I’ve had three wine Friday’s and two family happy hours, and we have listened to two sermons together. I still need my massage and a minute to give myself a manicure, or to be frank, just do my hair. But I feel better thinking that I have paid some attention to myself and had time to do these little things the past two weeks. It certainly helps when generally you don’t give two hoots what you look like because you are never seeing anyone on a daily basis.

To keep from going 100% stiff during our work days, Bryan and I have initiated an activity break for every hour on the hour (EHOH) where we get up from our desks and do:

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 air squats
  • 20 crunches
  • 10 pushups

And Bryan and I have both broke out a few hobbies. Bryan has been working quite hard at his kegerator and is close to finishing the homemade soda water configuration. We should be ready to start sipping this weekend and I am going to work on some tasty syrups to add to it. I finally set out to finish the d*&@ cross stitch project for Reese’s room and bought some stuff to make Reese a book bin that should be shipping out soon but I still need to buy the lumber some time.

We need the weather to warm up just a tad to be able to enjoy the outdoors more. The slide and play house that should arrive today should help keep Reese entertained in the backyard but it would be so nice to enjoy long walks or bike rides after sitting at the desk all day, and right now it is just too cold for that. It will also be nice to enjoy our backyard seating, outdoor movies, and grilling. Come on summer weather! That’s a joke because Seattle will be getting to summer weather right as we are pulling out of all of this…

We’ve enjoyed getting to know better and spend more time with our nanny share family. We have had quite a few dinners together lately just to be able to talk to someone. We made homemade pizzas this week and continue to pick up dinners on Friday. I love to cook and miss cooking for people so this has helped me immensely. We are trying to figure out something fun to do for Easter and are thinking we can still have an Easter egg hunt for the girls next weekend.

Reese has captured our mood in this picture

Inslee, Washington governor, just announced yesterday that our stay at home order is going to remain until May 8th so I have no other choice but work to adjust to it and make the best of it.


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