Our 19 Month Old!

We are on the path to TWO. Reese has seemed to mature so much in the past few weeks. I don’t know if it is because we are at home more to observe it or if she really just has jumped in her cognitive and physical abilities.

As I’ve reported, life has looked a little different for us lately but honestly Reese probably doesn’t notice a difference. Our new normal is different, but is working, and Reese helps keep us busy and entertained and makes the world feel a little less abnormal.

Here’s her latest:

  • Her vocabulary is expanding. New words include: Cookie, shower, outside, car (her new favorite word), shake, toast, Oliver (Lottie’s cat), elevator, dip, peanut butter, colors, soap, pretty, cheese, flower.
  • She now reads her own books at night while we sit and watch her act. We no longer get to read her books at night.
  • I’m required to take baths with her at night, this is even in addition to adding color tabs to the bath to make it more entertaining, and she prefers the shower head to pouring water over her head.
  • She is really enjoying pushing around and riding in her car and her “new” (we got off Buy Nothing and disinfected it twice) Uber Zoomer. She likes to push it up the hill and then ride down. This is difficult for Mama who prefers to take it to the alley for gentler riding.
  • She can focus and sit through full length animated movies. This has become our weekend night routine that we watch a movie while eating dinner before bed.
  • La La Land is her current favorite music to dance to and we have a dance party in her room after bath every night.
  • She’s lately been loving playing in the sink in her learning tower. She likes to wash dishes, fill glasses of water, and in general make messes, but she can be distracted there for long periods of time so it’s fine by me.
  • Both Reese and Lottie will say “BOOP” as they touch your nose, pretty cute.
  • She likes to hold hands with other kids. Reese and Lottie will hold hands while they walk side by side and they have been caught dancing together from time to time.
  • She misses people you can tell. Our afternoons and weekends are spent wandering the empty neighborhood streets looking for people and dogs out walking. Unfortunately, people will now veer off the sidewalk onto the street for fear of getting too close so she doesn’t get to say “hi” to too many people or get to pet any pups.
  • She’s starting to get into cars, both real life cars, her sit in cars, and now pushing little toy cars around on the floor on hands and knees.
  • She can pretty much walk down the stairs on her own at this point.
  • She loves laying in the blanket turned hammock while watching TV at night.
  • She generally prefers no pants and no shirt. She wants service though.
  • We are also switching to pull up style diapers, thanks to her being one difficult one to wrestle on the changing table.


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