We have entered a new stage of crazy…I’m working at home next to my husband. Bizarre, yes! Nice, yes! It’s a lot different than those two weeks I worked from home while waiting for Reese to enter this world. This time I have company. This time I get a sneak peak into what Bryan’s day is like. This time we have each other.

Today’s latest is that all work is required to be done from home, all activities are cancelled except walks and park time, and all restaurants are required to offer take out or delivery only. I would have never thought I would live to see a day like we are in presently, but it’s the new norm and I’m starting to accept it, not for the challenges that it brings, but actually for the simplicity of life and positives it may bring. Today is day 3 of work from home and it be like:

6 am: Bryan rolls out of bed and logs onto computer. Bryan starts us a pot of coffee.

7 am: Reese wakes me up. We do our usual morning routine; brush teeth, change diaper, change clothes (this task is getting longer and longer), I get dressed but now in casual clothes.

8 am: The first two days I walked Reese up to Lottie’s place for our morning walk. Potentially, there is the option for stopping at the delicious bakery for a treat on my way home, if I feel inclined. Today the girls were at our house so it was only a matter of handing Reese off to the nanny, waving my goodbye, and walking upstairs.

9 am: Return home from morning walk and set to work (today I was able to log on earlier at 8:30 am). I work from 9-4 approximately and Bryan can clock off around 3 if he wants.

12 pm: We get some lunch together and continue working. Today we left around 11 am to go on a scooter ride in the sunshine to one of our favorite delis in the market to pick up lunch. Glorious!

3 pm: We have the option to workout for an hour if we want and make up the time after Reese goes to bed. This is what I did yesterday when the girls were at Sarah’s.

4 pm: Bryan goes on an afternoon walk to pick up Reese. Detour at the park if we feel inclined. Fortunately weather has been great this week. Today I plan to take Reese on a run instead.

6/6:30 pm: Dinner at home.

7 pm: We watch a show as a family. This is usually Dr. Pol or Sesame Street currently but we watched a few animated movies this past weekend.

7:30 pm: Reese goes to bed. Bath is currently a chore and I am required to take the bath with her. Then she doesn’t want either one of us to get out of bath.

8 pm: We have personal time. I want to start a new book but there is usually about 30 minutes of reading up on the latest news that is required first.

9 pm: We turn on the TV for the rest of the night and try to get to bed by 10 pm.

I can get behind this way of life for a while, not forever, but for a while.


2 thoughts on “HomeWork

  1. Chelsea, you have it handled. Word from my hairdresser just now. Shut down until the 13th of April. Nobody sees me anyway. Not a priority at this time. Love from grandma.

    1. Grandma, I feel you on this one. I don’t think I have done my hair other than wash it since…Monday before my last day in the office. Now my team wants to do video conferencing for meetings and not just audio conferencing. No thanks! Who knows what people are going to look like after all of this is over. Love you guys!! Glad you are staying in. If only I had my grandma’s cooking I wouldn’t complain at all about staying in.

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