Revived and Reunited

Bryan’s back, and as expected, Reese is feeling herself. Joy! This week has felt much more normal than the previous week and I think all three of us have reveled in that fact. Despite it still raining mostly nonstop (with some light snow on Tuesday) we are all in good moods because of being back in a routine/normalcy. Scenes from Super Bowl Sunday (before Bryan’s return):

Bryan didn’t actually get to reunite with Reese until Monday evening as she was already in bed by the time he got home Sunday night at midnight and she was still sleeping when he left for work around 6:30 am on Monday morning. But when she was reunited, she gave him no stink eye, no cold shoulder, nothing more than a big ol’ hug and lots of giggles, laughs and cuddles all night, and pretty much all week she has been super sweet to her daddy. She’s even giving me more of a break at times.

We enjoyed a few dinners at home this week, we all attended the FareStart monthly community dinner on Wednesday and were all back at FareStart this week for Guest Chef Night. Bryan has had retention meetings for the first half of the week which moved him to Boeing Field instead of Auburn and I spent one day in Redmond and had my first PT appointment to sort out this issue with the knee pain that I have been dealing with for a few months now. Aside from trying to get in some exercise when I can I have also been trying to put in hours of studying for the SE whenever I get the chance to.

Our nanny has been keeping the girls busy during the day lately and they continue to explore new activities, adventures, and fun. This week they did some coloring with crayons, finger paints and watercolor ice cubes.

They went to the toddler gym once and got outside when they could at our house.

And Thursday they went to the Burke Museum at UW for the monthly free museum day. Reese has been slow to work her appetite back up from being sick and it has probably been compounded by the fact that we think she is getting two more top teeth in now. Because of that, she has still had bouts of high temps and not sleeping her best at night, although she decided to take a 4 hour nap for the nanny on Wednesday!

I’m so happy to have both my husband and my daughter back in action and I am looking forward to whatever the weekend entails. Reese got to visit my office early this morning and then spent the rest of the morning and afternoon with her daddy around town as our nanny called out sick. She’s having fun!

Hopefully we get a glimpse of the sun at some point would be a nice change of pace!


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