Our 17 Month Old!

I didn’t know that 17 months came with so many opinions but Reese has them these days. Whether it be which shoes she wears, what jacket she wears, what highchair she sits in, what bib she wants, the list goes on, she wants to let you know what her preference is. That has been the biggest change I have seen in her this last month. Well, that and saying “no” or “no, no, no” all day everyday. She’s definitely testing her limits when it comes to decision-making and at times it is hilarious and at other times it can be frustrating. She literally had a meltdown the other night before dinner and it was lost on us what was going on until we realized that she was in the wrong high chair with the wrong bib. Issue solved! Aside from opinions, what’s the girl doing these days?

  • Her vocabulary continues to grow. New words include: baby, neigh, airplane, up, down, out, mine, milk, two, water, elmo, shoot.
  • Lately she has really gotten into cherry tomatoes and she also likes to dip things (fries, veggies, pancake bites, etc).
  • Her climbing skills continue although sometimes she gets a little too fearless, case in point when she flipped off the side of the couch (thankfully she was caught before falling).
  • She’s become a great little walker and most times will hold your hand down the street.
  • She can go down the stairs correctly, she just needs to be reminded that that is how you are supposed to do it.
  • She loves riding the bus. The other day, while I was paying the bus fare, she went and picked out her seat all by herself. She’s the calmest I’ve ever seen her on the bus for whatever reason.
  • She is not calm at FareStart but loves it. She runs around that place like she owns it. She knows where all the rooms and stairs are and particularly loves their bread.
  • She likes to sit and read books by herself a lot lately. Both her and Lottie will read book after book themselves just looking at the pages.
  • We got some chalk for her easel and she thinks that is pretty neat to draw on.
  • We have made drastic improvement with sleeping at night. It really only took one night of me going in at her regularly timed wake ups in the middle of the night to provide her comfort but not nurse and since then she has slept from at least 8 pm to 5 or 6 am with at most one wake up and often with no wake ups. And those wake ups only require a quick pick up, pat on the back, and she’s back down in her crib fast asleep. Hallelujah! I was beginning to think I was never going to get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row again.
  • I can sense that sharing is going to be our next struggle. She’s pretty reluctant to give up a toy that she knows another kid wants.
  • She has no issue getting outdoor gear on because that means she is going outside. She doesn’t care what the weather is.
  • We got two stools for the bathrooms and she loves them and loves to stand there talking to herself in the mirror.
  • We also got a potty seat and I put her on it once and she cried…

Onto another month here soon and always so curious what that might bring.


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