You definitely wonder sometimes what you are doing wrong when things aren’t going your way. It’s easy to get frustrated, down and dejected. It’s easy to think of what could have been or what you missed. I do that a lot. And with how this month has been, I’ve definitely had the hours, the days, and the weeks spent thinking just those thoughts.

But I’m switching gears and looking optimistically at what IS right and what the future holds. This crazy trip called life isn’t ever perfect but it is beautiful and every moment, even the difficult times, should be cherished. I’ve learned from my own past experiences that the difficult times are usually times of growth, strength and self-awareness. They are times of leaning on others and into faith. The journey might not be the easiest or full of rainbows and sunshine but the outcome can be even better.

So in being grateful and optimistic, thank goodness it is Friday and January is almost over. JK.

Thank goodness for this girl who is usually always happy!

But in reality, I’m thankful for a strong and close (even if not in location) family, I’m thankful for a supportive and caring husband, I’m thankful for a sweet and spunky daughter, I’m thankful for having the time to study for my future, I’m thankful for planning events to spend time with friends, I’m thankful for having the mental stability to get through difficult times.

This week has been like much of January; a slew of ups and downs throughout the week. Reese is starting to express her will and opinions anywhere and everywhere so I have had some mornings where it takes forever to get her ready and Bryan was put through the ringer at FareStart last night. This week we also took the first step into looking at Reese’s future care/schooling. We visited one daycare center and one school. Both show promises for sure but also bring a slew of applications, decision making, and conversations with our current working situation. And downtown Seattle has experienced a few shootings this week which is not a common occurrence for us. Thankfully Bryan and I had a midweek date night out (after one school tour), dining at our favorite restaurant for dinner and having a wonderful conversation. It was needed to touch base and come together before Bryan leaves for a week on Sunday.

January is nearly over and the rest of the year is looking very optimistic. I know 2020 has it in it.


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