Our 16 Month Old!

Reese is definitely a toddler these days. She is mostly sweet and good to her parents but there are some days where she is just in a mood or more likely to have a tantrum over something. However, I’d say she is more upbeat and bubbly than down or moody on the average. She is quickly catching on to how things work these days and it is amazing seeing the gears working as she explores and figures things out. So much fun to watch. So what’s new with her these days?

  • Her vocabulary is slowly but surely expanding. New words include: bye bye, big truck (loosely), some animal noises, hi, verbal “no” (instead of just shaking her head), yeah, hot, out (for outside), shoe.
  • Her appetite has been on an uptick most days and I find myself scratching my head for other food/snack ideas. She is a snacker more so than one who does big meals, which is fine except you have to keep in mind what sort of mess a snack will make as she carries it around the room with her.
  • She is loving climbing right now. She likes to taunt us by climbing on the couch and peeking in and yelling at whoever is in the kitchen. She also likes to pull herself onto the ottoman.
  • She runs everywhere! The only time she moves at a walking pace is when we naturally want her to move a little faster.
  • She likes to go grocery shopping; either riding in the cart or pushing a kids cart around if they have one.
  • She has a sweet tooth and knows where there might be any cookies, donuts or the like placed on the counter.
  • She chooses the book we read at bedtime now. It’s surprising to me how she now has a preference for what book to read and I’m usually surprised by her requests.
  • Diaper changes can still sometimes be a struggle and you might find yourself chasing a naked baby around the house. However, she is good about getting her boppy pillow down and laying there during diaper changes. She also is beginning to understand when she has gone #1 and #2.
  • She is really getting the hang of slides and that seems to be her preference at the playground these days. Swings are still high up there though.
  • She’s starting to figure out shapes with blocks, build things with legos, and will pretend play with various items.
  • Her favorite show is quickly becoming Dr. Pol (high five on that one Bryan!). Her animal fascination is high.
  • She still refuses to drink cow’s milk but has tried juice and seems to like it but still mainly a water girl but sparkling water is her #1.
  • She’s grown out of a fair amount of her 12 month clothes so I have put many away and will be shortly getting out new 18 month clothes. Fun! She is also now in size 5 shoes and we have had to retire a few of my favorite shoes of hers already.
  • She’s shot up in height a lot in just the past two weeks. She is currently breaking the 20 lb mark as well.


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