Christmas Cometh

Horrible title names lol. I’m reporting that we had a most delicious Thanksgiving day dinner that filled us right up and fueled us into the coming Christmas season in a festive manner…mostly. We had a crazy Thanksgiving morning of getting the pie and green bean casserole assembled, working out, and getting Reese her lone 40 minute nap of the day but once we were in the car on the way to Tina and David’s, our gracious hosts, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening indulging, sitting and talking while Reese ran around like crazy with Rosalie. It was nice to be able to spend time and talk with our friends while still having another youngin’ around to keep Reese entertained.

Friday was rough for Bryan as he was fighting off something (overindulgence or sickness, not sure) so we had a low key morning, which was a nice change of pace from the morning prior. We watched the Tech vs. Texas game and tidied up around the house. Around 3 pm, we headed downtown to partake in the downtown Christmas festivities; the carousel, music, fake snow, tree lighting and fireworks. Reese loved the carousel and was intrigued about the fireworks but the whole middle part she found quite uninteresting, waiting around in the carrier with us. There were lots of kids in attendance though and it was a beautiful day for standing outside.

Saturday we were all feeling great and festive, until Michigan lost horribly to OSU at least. After that pounding, we headed to our local City People’s Nursery to find our Christmas tree. We found the perfect tree within minutes and had the nice people fresh cut it for us and give us a stand. Meanwhile, Reese helped us pick out a wreath and rode around in a wagon for a little while. We were lucky with another beautiful day to get outside, however brief. We returned home to get lights, ribbon and ornaments on the tree. The bottom ornaments came off the tree about as quickly as they came on (thanks Reese).

Saturday night was Bryan and my date night while Anne and Phillip watched the girls. We spent the night bowling at the Garage in Capitol Hill and then got a great dinner downtown, making our four hours away from Reese with unpaid childcare seem like eternity! We came back to pick up Reese feeling refreshed after a great night out.

Sunday was church date, followed by brunch at home, cleaning up the house and then awaiting Rosalie coming over so that Anne and Phillip could have their date night out. We watched Rosalie from 2:15-6:45 and it was a marathon. Rosalie wasn’t happy to be dropped off with us so in order to get moods back on a high note we packed the girls into the double stroller and took them to the park. Unfortunately, this was the one day the whole weekend through that we got rain and it started sprinkling on us while at the park. We packed them back up to take home. We spent the next few hours feeding the girls, changing diapers, and basically keeping each other from attacking one another. We got through it though and are still grateful for the baby swap and our night out.

It was a wonderful four day weekend and a break from work. We had one wonderful Friendsgiving and have jumped into the Christmas season with both feet. Only three weeks away!


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