Gratitude Groweth

This month is sincerely causing me to fill up with gratitude. I’ve never been more grateful in my life than this November, for whatever reason. But I have many reasons. This past weekend was looking to be one with very little planned for us and looking to be one of ultimate relaxation. But when our friend Sarah got especially sick Friday night and was feeling horrible the whole weekend through, I was so grateful for our health and our ability to help a friend in need. We picked up Lottie on Saturday and she spent 9:30 am – 5: 30 pm with the three of us and on Sunday we had her from 3:00 pm – 7:30 pm. The weekend was not relaxing after all but I was just so grateful that we were helpful to someone and Reese had a playmate all weekend.

We also had a lot of fun. I took the two girls to a music class that my coworker goes to with his almost two year old. Both the girls jumped right in to playing the musical instruments and enjoyed the songs and dance even though they were probably the only ones too young to sing any of the words. Bryan got to his men’s group and we dropped him off and picked him up in Queen Anne. We took the girls to the playground briefly Saturday evening before dropping Lottie off and getting our own dinner in U Village at Eureka!. And after church date on Sunday and my soccer game in the glorious sunshine, Reese and Lottie terrorized played with each other all afternoon, had a good dinner together, and danced around before dropping Lottie back off for the night.

I’m still grateful to be able to play soccer (and that the weather cooperated), although I’m going to take a break this winter and spring if I’m studying for this SE exam again. I’m grateful that Bryan watches (sleeping) Reese while I play my soccer games. And I am grateful that none of us seem to have caught the bug that Sarah had. Knock on wood.

I’m grateful this week is a short week with a long holiday weekend. I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner and then kickstarting the Christmas festivities later this weekend. And I’m grateful that my annual review went great, got a promotion to Senior Project Engineer and a hefty bonus! Definitely feeling good about life right now and really looking forward to the holidays this year, which I wasn’t so enthusiastic about last year.

Now let us gobble till we wobble…


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