November Thankful

November has started off with me really thankful for what I have; an amazing family, a good job, my health, loving friends and the occasional sunny day. The leaves are still somewhat on the trees and we have had a beautiful fall this year. This past week has been a very busy one for Bryan on the work front but a pretty fun one on my front.

  • We had so many volunteers signed up at FareStart for my volunteer shift this past week that I got to dine in with Reese and Bryan with a 2 for 1 discount for an amazingly delicious meal.
  • We beat the 49ers, Seahawks rivals down the coast, in a crazy Monday Night Football game.
  • Michigan beat the Spartans in the annual rivalry game.
  • Reese and I went to the Aquarium (for free thanks to mystery shopping) while Bryan was at work on Saturday. Reese especially enjoyed pointing out the baby salmon to another kid (who was very skeptical of Reese’s intentions and told her parents that she couldn’t understand her…lol), watching the otters and seals, and touching the spiky items in the aquarium…and of course, kissing the glass tanks open mouthed.
  • I got to watch Reese and Lottie for a full day last Thursday when our nanny was out sick and we didn’t have a back up. I took the girls to the Madrona library branch for toddler story time which they loved and then danced and made faces trying to get them to eat their lunch.
  • We had church date (after being the adults in the Toddler Room last week) which was as great and relaxing as ever.
  • I played in a wet and rainy soccer game that we actually won on Sunday!
  • Bryan and I had a fabulous date night out Sunday night with a delicious meal downtown before going to the Seattle Rep for a fun and lively musical play called Shout Sister Shout, based on Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
  • I attended my first Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW) meeting since I was pregnant and enjoyed a rare night spent with colleagues in the field and listening to an interesting technical presentation.
  • We are skipping out on FareStart tonight to go to the Harvest Party at Novelty Hill winery. We believe we might have three whole cases to pick up tonight. Bring on the wine!
  • We enjoyed a wonderful night of hot pot and drinks over at Polly and Ryu’s house on Saturday. I always love the fun and deliciousness of hot pot and this was the first time trying Ryu’s and it was A+++.

Looking forward to the weekend, a short week and a long Thanksgiving weekend ahead. Then, before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. This time of year goes by so fast. Thankful for Reese to help us appreciate each and every day.


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