Daddy’s Girl

For the past several days Reese has been daddy’s little girl…and it is so cute. And I have been thankful for it, maybe a tad jealous, but thankful as I went through a few days of feeling pretty worn out. Fortunately, Bryan was wanting some daddy-daughter time and took Reese to a guys dinner at Philipp’s house on Friday night and took her to the Museum of Flight with the guys on Saturday for a couple of hours so I got a little time to myself and a rare few hours at home in peace and quiet. I definitely feel refreshed from the break and Reese definitely bonded with her daddy.

I did have some quality time with her last week when Bryan had to stay at work one day after her bedtime and it was the two of us dining in at FareStart. Bryan also had his Saturday morning men’s group where we had some mommy and me time but I still definitely feel like I have gotten some breaks in the past week and that has been nice. I was able to go to the America’s Test Kitchen 20-year Party, thanks to FareStart, where there were about 15 of the top Seattle chefs and about 5-10 of the ATK chefs each providing a nosh and a bunch of cocktails and wine for the tasting as well. I way overindulged at this event but quite enjoyed Sawyer’s pork belly baos, a babagahnoush topped with lamb ragu and free mini pitas from Manmoon, and many beef tartares and bulgogi beef lettuce wraps all being my favorite of the night. I had quite the tummy ache for nearly 24 hours post event. Worth it!

The three of us also enjoyed a night out of the kitchen at the November Community Dinner at FareStart where they put a Thanksgiving meal inside a biscuit, and it was good! Reese didn’t necessarily want to sit on this occasion however so it was a bit of a wild dinner. Bryan and I also volunteered in the Toddler’s Room this week at church so we didn’t get our church date but put in our service chasing around the littles.

We had nearly a football free weekend (except for Texas winning in a nailbiter to Kansas State) which made a schedule a little freer than usual. We did enjoy watching the Sounders win the FSC championship against Toronto on Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the epic overtime game of the Seahawks vs. 49ers for Monday Night Football, breaking the 49ers winning streak. Oh such a good feeling and such a good game. Reese actually enjoyed watching most of it. And I’d like to mention that I am 2nd in my fantasy league with a team that I really like.

I really can’t believe it’s mid-November, which means that the holidays are fast approaching. Not sure I am ready for them but I am looking forward to them this year for sure.


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