A Splashing Good Time in Arizona

We were fortunate enough this past weekend to get to spend a long weekend visiting Grandma and Papa Miller in Arizona, and it is safe to say that Reese thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The weather was hot, allowing her to swim every single day, she had tons of new terrain to run around, there were lots of balls to play with, toy towers to knock down, and two new audience members that clapped and cocked their head at her every wish. It was also a nice time for Bryan and I to kind of kick back and relax as well as get in a rare date night out just the two of us.

We had our usual very, very early morning wake up call to get to the airport in time for our 5:55 AM flight to Phoenix. We were at the airport just after 4 AM, found our gate, boarded the plane, and thought everything was going smoothly enough until we sat on the plane for nearly two hours on the tarmac before being told to deplane as there was a malfunctioning piece of equipment. We were sent to a different gate, to a different plane, and our new departure time was 9:15 AM. So much for waking up so early. Fortunately, once in the air, Reese slept for about 2 hours of the flight time. Hoorah! We were greeted by Lon and Trish at baggage claim, got our bags and headed home to change into much cooler clothes. We set out for Mexican lunch at Si Senor before heading back to play around the house. Trish made us a wonderful meal of Turkish food for dinner, after Reese went to bed, and we stayed at the table talking for a long while.

Saturday through Monday was a lot of playing around the house, it was still over 100 degrees outside so unless you were in water, you didn’t really want to be outside. Aside from the kiddie pool out back for Reese, we visited the Hamilton aquatic center pool on Saturday, which was a ton of fun with a lazy river, fountains and lots of kids. Bryan and I even enjoyed a quick lap in the pool. On Sunday and Monday, we were lucky enough to be able to walk across the street to the neighbor’s relaxing backyard pool to have all to ourselves. It was a lot of fun swimming with Reese. Reese enjoyed playing with both Papa and Grandma during our stay. She mainly ran around in circles, rode in laundry baskets, and talked, talked, talked. She loved Grandma’s banana bread and pancakes and, in general, was a very good girl while there.

We got some delicious BBQ from Rudy’s Saturday night and spent much of the day doing what we normally do on Saturday’s; watch football. Same goes with Sunday as we didn’t make it to church because Reese slept straight through it. Bryan and I enjoyed a date night out for dinner in Scottsdale at Blanco Tacos and Tequila, thanks to the grandparents for watching Reese and for mystery shopping for providing us with a free dinner and drinks. We left Reese in good spirits and apparently she was very good for them while we were gone and got some good bonding time with them while we were out. Bryan and I, meanwhile, stuffed ourselves to the gills. We started with drinks at the bar watching Sunday Night Football before sitting on the patio for burritos, queso, tacos and Mexican chocolate cake. We were so stuffed that we decided a walk around Old Town Scottsdale was in order and spent a little time before heading back home. It was an excellent night out just the two of us.

Monday came much too quick and before we knew it we were having to pack up our bags to head back to the airport. Fortunately, there were no delays on our return home but unfortunately, Reese was not at all keen on sleeping during any portion of this flight. We had to wrangle her and entertain her in our seat. There were so many times that it looked like she was going to fall asleep and then nope. She finally fell asleep as the wheels hit the pavement at Seatac. I carried Sleeping Beauty all the way through the airport where she finally woke up in baggage claim, ran all over there while waiting for our car, fell back asleep on the way home, and then woke up and needed to be put back down once home. Bryan and I were both exhausted by the time we had managed to unpack and get ourselves to bed.

It was a wonderful trip and it is always so good to see and spend time with family, especially now with Reese. Looking ahead though, I think we are both a little uneasy booking many more flights, at least certainly none close to, but not during bedtime…Our Vitamin D is in check (even through windows) to maybe persist through what is already seeming to be an early onset of fall here in Seattle.


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