Reese’s First Birthday

Reese is one-year old. What?!? Time has flown by and our little baby doesn’t seem so little anymore…or that much like a baby. She’s got personality and energy aplenty, is funny, can be sweet, loves other people (big and small), and is walking. It’s hard for me to believe that she has changed and grown so much in a year. Likewise to her parents; we have changed and grown so much in a year as well. Looking back at us this time last year is kind of sweet but I also look at us now as being so much more experienced and confident as parents. We seem to have a pretty good thing going these days. So what’s going on at the one year mark?

  • Reese is walking and has been for about three weeks now but has drastically improved in those three weeks.
  • Tantrums.are.fun. Physically resisting her car seat and the smallest thing can upset her to the point of floor pounding and wriggling on the floor. Fortunately, the extreme of this seemed to have lasted about two days total.
  • She gets excited now when she gets in the high chair at home, and the excitement either continues or goes away depending on what food is placed in front of her.
  • She loves her dad’s old stuffed monkey.
  • Bath time is still super enjoyable. She has a thing for sponges though.
  • She LOVES to dance, either with her parents or on her own you will see her head-bopping.
  • She’s been putting herself to sleep for naps and at night more often which is a huge blessing.
  • She loves her toy car and still loves her activity table.
  • Her favorite thing in the kitchen is finding her teething ring in the freezer or pulling out items in the lazy susan or the beaded napkin rings that my mom and I made years ago.
  • She also loves to pull out the empty cans out of the recycling bin…
  • She’s learned to shut doors and loves it!
  • Her least favorite thing is coming indoors.
  • She is good at giving hugs.
  • Her hair is starting to get pretty long.
  • She still is fitting into 9M clothes.
  • She’s had shoes on for a total of about 5 minutes and that did not go over well.

We love her to death and can’t get enough of her. She has totally consumed our life in the past year but we forgive her.


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