Party Prep and Summer Slipping By

The past two weeks I’ve been trying to get our house and yard in order, piece by piece. There is only so much you can do in a day with a little one. Your day starts fairly early, you are either at work or home wrangling and entertaining her, you put her to bed for the night and you have so little energy left to tackle the other things. But gradually I’ve been able to whittle away at some things that I have been wanting to do for some time; take another load to Goodwill, sell a few of the old baby things, clean out the garage, clean out the pantry, install cabinet locks in the bathroom and kitchen, clean the back deck and rugs, go through and organize our tupperware, etc, etc. I’m glad to have been able to get through what I have, even if it has taken some time. But at the end of the day/week, it is still summer and we still just want to have some fun!

We finally purchased Reese a bike trailer chariot. Leave it to Bryan to pick the top of the line one but it is a sweet ride and spending guilt can lead into good motivation to get as much use out of it as we can! JK! Reese was extremely excited as soon as we opened the box, seemingly knowing that it was for her use, and we went for her first ride in it on Sunday for the biweekly Bicycle Sunday along Lake Washington Boulevard and around Seward Park. Bryan lugged baby girl the full 16 miles, with the return to the house an unavoidable hilly one, but he kicked butt. Reese slept the first half, woke when we stopped at the point at Seward Park to play in the grass and water, and then made as much protesting noise as she could on the way home. But it’s a nice distance, beautiful scenery, and a good workout with that hill for us to do from home. Plus, having the road free of cars is much more relaxing and a load of fun with all the little kids playing free.

In addition to her maiden voyage, Bryan and I did another run on Friday afternoon to kick start our weekend. We ran from Seward Park and back before letting baby girl play at the park for a long time. We picked up our favorite seasonal Calabrese (fig and prosciutto) pizza from Tutta Bella on the way home. We had a birthday party to attend Saturday night and another Sunday afternoon and Reese was the life of both parties. And she enjoyed another week at FareStart and especially enjoyed a volunteer reception event at their empty restaurant on Tuesday, where she ran all over the restaurant in pure active bliss.

And Friday and Monday were a bit haphazard as our regular nanny was on vacation and our backup nanny was sick so Bryan came home early on Friday to stay at home with Reese and I dropped Reese off late for backup care at Sarah and Lottie’s place on Monday. We are getting ready for her party and are looking forward to a rather busy weekend celebrating little Miss Reese.


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